Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you Al Gore

Now I don't have to worry about putting money away for my retirement.

From the T-Star

"I know that doesn't make me popular in Alberta, but it's simply a fact. A lot of money is at stake, but a lot of lives and the future of human civilization are also at stake."

Yes Al, a lot of money is at stake here. Yours.


Jen said...


AL GORE? a man who travelled the world scaring the living delights out of human being , to tell the world that the world that the world is going to end in four years (he said these words two years ago)-meaning we have two years left. That's very strange because not even the SON OF GOD knows yet AL GORE does- this news.

Your are right on, AA. AL GORE wants more money he already has a brand new jet, three mansions, three huge cars. I guess he needs more money to upkeep his lifestyle.

CanadianSense said...

Will MI tell Gore to shut up like he did National Geographic?

“National Geographic is not going to teach me any lessons about the oilsands,” he said.
“This is a huge industry. It employs Canadians from coast to coast. We have oil reserves that are going to last for the whole of the 21st century. We are where we are. We’ve got to clean it up, and we’ve got make it a sustainable place to work and live.”

Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2009/02/26/kelly-mcparland-michael-ignatieff-s-risky-play-in-the-oilsands.aspx#ixzz0XnJ6lpoF

Ardvark said...

Will MI tell Gore to shut up like he did National Geographic?

That CS may be the question of the week.

A bit off topic but this is something that has always pissed me off. "Tar Sands" Whenever I hear anyone refer to the tar sands I tune right out. If you are too stupid not to know the difference between tar and oil you have no business talking science or preaching the AGW gospel to anyone.

greyburr said...

And once again the red star proves that the National Enquirer is quality media compared to the star.No mention of the CRU lies,deceptions,and manipulations that gore fronts.

Bec said...

Gore needs to be stopped and any Albertan that supports this man, his fear-mongering propaganda and LIES, should simply move on to find their Utopia.
Shut the gates to this man and his hypocritical, zealot buddies. Keep them off of our world class ski slopes used as a soap-box for these millionaire freaks attempting to give the appearance that they exceed all others with 'their' knowledge of science.

In fact, they are nothing more than wealth redistributing, environmental sheeple.

He's a joke and the more he talks, the more we find out how DUMB he really is!

wilson said...

After this weekends leak of Global Warming Fraud emails and documents,
I imagine we will be hearing many environutjobs go off the deep end predicting the end to life on the planet.

The oilands are the environutjobs best target, because of the visuals and the billions $$ the projects generate.

Yet major funding for the GW Fraudsters is from oil companies, as the leaked emails proved.

So there you have the perfect funding of terrorism,
without a shot being fired.
Terrorism may be too harsh a word,
but being an Albertan,
we see non-stop attacks on our oil and gas industries (and a few pipelines literally being blown up).

CanadianSense said...

The Toronto Star are large "sponsors" of the "An Evening with Vice President Al Gore" this week

money for Proceeds from this event will go to the
David Suzuki Foundation.


The Allstream Global Forum (AGF) is an ongoing series of unique customer events, often featuring innovative thinkers and international leaders from the world of business, government, and the not-for-profit sector.

bocanut said...

Al Gore is donating his $175,000.00 speaking fee to David Suzuki?

Jen said...

bocanut said...
Al Gore is donating his $175,000.00 speaking fee to David Suzuki?

Together at last
I help you and you help me!

Please donate your last dollar.

wilson said...

Alberta invests in world’s biggest carbon-capture pipeline
Dave Cooper,
Edmonton Journal
November 24, 2009

...Ian MacGregor, chairman of North West Upgrading and Enhance board chairman, said the project could earn the province billions in royalties from new oil production.

“We think EOR could revitalize the whole light oil business in central and southern Alberta.”

Just what environutjobs DON'T want,
Alberta getting richer!
Is that why they condemn carbon capture and want oilsands projects (which will use the cc pipelines once proved) shutdown?


Rich said...

Ardvark said...
Will MI tell Gore to shut up like he did National Geographic?

Quite right AA as far as I know Tar sands are what one would find in Nova Scotia or La Brea, California: Better known as Tar Pits. I Also get very angry when I hear the likes of Al Gore Suzuki or Bernard Bigras of the Bloc critized the Oil Sands. Bigras and the Bloc continually rail agains the PM and his big oil cohorts yet do nothing to stop the export of asbestos to African Nations. Asbestos is one of the biggest causes of carcinogens. The old adage do as I say and not as I do applies to all the environmental do gooders.

Rich said...

Bec said...
Gore needs to be stopped

Al Gore defeated presidential candidate has found away to make money: specifically he spends more time in Eastern Canada charging 500dollars a plate to dreamers. He started his own cap & trade company so that he could buy carbon credits to offset the carbon spewing from his private jet and from his three mansions. This tells me that Al Gore is no more interested in the Environment than the man in the moon

Rich said...

Beijing's bosom buddy
Ezra Levant, Special to the National Post
Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Canada's trade with China has never been bigger, and it's never grown faster. According to the latest statistics, we now exchange $53-billion in goods and services with them each year, making China our second-largest trading partner after the United States.

AA this should high light; the Liberals political gameship on trade with China; and how the Libs do not do very much research on anything: Look at the dollars Canada has reaped from China, with the potential for more. Expecially in the Oil Sands with the China Oil company purchasing 60% interest in Fort Macmurray properties; this can only be a boon for Alberta. Once again placing Alberta in the fore front as the best Province to live and work.


Jen said...

AL GORE, toronto has pollution you say nothing, Toronto also gets more pollution from DETROIT's pollution. GO TO DETROIT and tell them to stop sending pollution into the air.
Alberta is doing more for the environment than the rest of canada.

ReachWest said...

Only a couple of weeks ago, Gore suggested that the rock at center of the Earth is "millions of degrees". I guess he is a bit confused on several fronts involving scientific data.

Philanthropist said...

He's right about how he'll lose a lot of money if he can't keep this fraud going, he's in line to make billions selling 'carbon credit' papers.

Ardvark said...

I await the day where somebody uses the doom and gloom predictions of AGW as a court defense for their own stupid actions. " I did ___ because the earth only has 10 years left"

AGW has already been declared to be on par with religion in the UK so why not?