Friday, November 06, 2009

That didn't take long: 2 more staffers gone from the OLO.

Jane Taber has the latest: Things are sure getting ugly for the 'Rosedale Gang'.

Two senior Ignatieff aides are leaving their positions in the Opposition Leader's Office to return to Toronto.

Mark Sakamoto and Alexis Levine, both lawyers who have been part of Michael Ignatieff's inner circle since his 2006 leadership bid, confirmed their decisions in separate e-mails to The Globe and Mail tonight. They were part of the "Toronto gang" around Mr. Ignatieff.

I am not sure if it is directly related to his departure but you may remember Mark Sakamoto as he was the news just the other day. No word as of yet on the fate of communications director Jill Fairbrother, but I assume she too is gone.

With all of these changes in the OLO is it any wonder that Ignatieff wanted all those changes to EI.


CanadianSense said...

Has anyone see WK pack his bags yet?

Anonymous said...

The 18th perhaps?

Archie said...

Lets hope they keep him, that boob is a gift that keeps on giving.

Jen said...

AA, before canadians forget, would you please refresh their/our minds of the E.I. scandal, I find most amazing that the liberal national media rail on the PM for not repairing the liberals' very own mess yet say nothing to the liberals themselves for taking our money from the E.I. funds to pay down a debt and forcing us to repay what we put in all those years.

Bec said...

You know this will be an entire housecleaning in the OLO x3 in less than a year?

IT defies logic for me that the Clarks/Olivers/Travers etc give these guys one ounce of credibility, day in and day out.
They have held this entire useless crew's head above water, since Dion was elected and to think that they would be prepared to hoist these people onto Canadians, is obscene.

I know we continuously harp on that aspect but it makes no sense to me. What is in it for them to carry the Liberals? It has to be their own partisanship, nothing else makes sense.

Fay said...

I agree Bec, it boggles the mind the extent to which the National Press Gallery gives the Liberal's a free ride.

Jen said...

Bec, What is in it for them to carry the Liberals?

Bec, have you heard "you scratch my back and I scratch yours"
Well, the media and liberals are doing just that but if one of them do go against the other; the other will be accused of hiding the truth and corruption from the public. so, as not to get caught they are doing what you see daily to protect THEMSELVES.

No Bec, we are not going to stop period.

we have to keep harping at it as the media harped and drilled into canadians the wonders of the liberal party of canada while the liberals were stealing from us at the same time.

maryT said...

Travers is at it again today, re the gun registration bill.-NNW.
And Pat Martin apologizes for lying re the Torch not coming to his riding. Will that get wall to wall coverage. Will Clark have him on to do it in public.

Anyone blogging the tory convention today re Stelmach.

Gayle said...

" boggles the mind the extent to which the National Press Gallery gives the Liberal's a free ride."

Yeah, and a chief executive for one of the national news networks is engaged to a proinent Liberal MP!

Oh no, wait...

Anonymous said...

How long will it be before the Official Leader of the Opposition is sent packing?


Anonymous said...

Would that be Gloria Galloway who is married to Mark Dunn or Susan Delacourt and her live in?

Jen said...

MaryT, or Bec, since you have access to comment on HUNTER'S BLOG, please tell her for me that I sent her an email which will appeal to her. Thanks.

Gayle said...

"Would that be Gloria Galloway who is married to Mark Dunn or Susan Delacourt and her live in?'

Hi Anon who does not have the basic courtesy to give yourself a name so people responding know they are responding to one individual (for all I know you are Jen, Bec or Fay and are too cowardly to use your usual handle):

Question: have you ever suggesting this relationship amounts to bias? If so, I assume you are complaining about how CTV is totally biased for the conservatives, yes? I mean, you wouldn't want to be inconsistent, would you?

By the way, has Gloria Galloway's newspaper ever been found guilty of unethical reporting by a non-partisan panel? Like maybe, reporting during an election? Reporting that some people believed cost the CPC some seats?

Go ahead. Take your time and do some research. I am really interested in what you come up with.

CanadianSense said...

..who does not have the basic courtesy?

Gayle start and take a hard look in the mirror.

Ask yourself why over 60% AB voters have stopped voting for the Federal Liberals.

Liberals are polling historic lows of 1867 again.

Your parents are correct Liberals can't be trusted.

Calling Provincial AB the most corrupt government in Canada eliminates any credibility.

Best of luck for hoping the return of the PET v2.

Duncan did vote to keep the Long Gun Registry. I am sure that will work out.

Best of luck helping her retain her seat.