Monday, November 23, 2009

Where is Ignatieff?

Where is Michael Ignatieff? I have not seen a press interview with him for awhile and he was absent from oral questions all of last week where the subject of discussion has been mostly about something that he is very familiar with; torture.

Odd that a guy who said this:

and this:

and wrote stuff like this:

"…torture is not served by collapsing the distinction between coercive interrogation and torture. Both may be repugnant, but repugnance does not make them into the same thing."

"…necessity may require the commission of bad acts…"

"An outright ban on torture and coercive interrogation leave a conscientious security officer with little choice but to disobey the ban."

"…it must be the case that other acts of torture occur because interrogators believe, in good faith, that torture is the only way to extract information in a timely fashion…"

"The argument that torture and coercion do not work is contradicted by the dire frequency with which both practices occur."

And, finally, the epitaph:

"I am willing to get my hands dirty."

"I am willing to get my hands dirty." That much, it seems, is true."

would be absent the very same week where the subject of his expertise comes up. What are the odds of that.

BTW: Ignatieff is also an expert in war crimes ("I was a professor of human rights, and I am also a professor of the laws of war, and what happened in Qana was a war crime, and I should have said that. That's clear.") too, or at least he was ("As I said earlier this week, whether war crimes were or were not committed on the attack on Qana is for international bodies to determine,") before being called on his words.

(To all of those that claim that Ignatieff was sorry for his war crime comments I hope you note that what he said above was not an apology from Ignatieff. Not even close.)

More'Apologizing' from Ignatieff: "I do believe that in this conflict, war crimes were visited on Israeli citizens and were visited on Lebanese civilians," he said. "Whether war crimes were committed in the attack on Qana is for international bodies to determine. That doesn't change the fact that Qana was a terrible tragedy."


Anonymous said...

The iggomaniac is having a very difficult time reconciling his past statements with the realities of the Liberal Party philosophy. So the best thing is to keep him out of sight whenever his past words contradict his current actions.

CanadianSense said...

Great post. MI is compromised as he was George Bush's biggest cheerleader and gave them cover for the Bush Doctrine. Lately he has been busy trying to raise funds, get anyone to become a candidate for the next election. It is going to be a blood bath and if the direction and past official Polls hold, the Liberals will hit below 23%.

The rout will be complete, Dion's wife is bitter like many people who were duped by the Liberal caucus executive. They managed in 72 hours to remove any democratic grassroots safegaurds in annointing the MI as the de facto liberal leader.(Porogue to new rules for leadership for LPOC)

Michael Harkov said...

So the best thing is to keep him out of sight whenever his past words contradict his current actions.

And that is EXACTLY the point to Ignatieff's disappearing act over the last week. Can anyone envision how QP would go if Ignatieff started trying to grill the government over torture? It would be a farce for the Liberals. Well, more than usual anyway. :D

Joanne (True Blue) said...

So Michael Ignatieff is now a leader in name only. One to be hidden away in shame.

jad said...

Don't know where he was most of the time, but over the weekend he was working hard for his Etobicoke constituents by spending some quality time in Whistler, BC checking out the Olympic facilities. There's no snow yet to speak of, so I imagine he was figuring out the best seats.

Even the media seem to be getting fed up with the Invisible Man. Check out this from O'Malley: "Note to Liberals: No, this doesn't mean that your leader should pretend he's too busy and important to show up in the House if the PM can't be bothered to do so. It already looks like he's doing everything he can to avoid commenting on the biggest political story of the day -- and yes, we can all come up with a pretty good guess as to why that would be the case -- but you can't just dodge the issue forever. ".

Anonymous said...

Iffy is a complete fraud. He is not and never has been a "Professor" of anything. He knows little of Human Rights or the Law of War. What Law School did he attend?

L said...

Hmmm ... Surely the left-leaning Liberals did not bring this issue to the fore to help Iggy find the exit door ...

Anonymous said...

He couldn't be here this week. He had an appointment with the Harvard H.R. department.

Jen said...

Why do you care? all I interested in what the world had to say about our PM, who has no media to his name.

Probably Ignatieff is somewhere in Bermuda or in a close cabin somewhere in Ontario well protected by the liberal media.
Or could be that he staying at CBC.

Jen said...

Why do you care? all I interested in what the world had to say about our PM, who has no media to his name.

Probably Ignatieff is somewhere in Bermuda or in a close cabin somewhere in Ontario well protected by the liberal media.
Or could be that he staying at CBC.

Jen said...

AA, take a look at 'the canadian sentinel' blog. Maybe, that media will help.

BCSpenc said...

My question is, why will the mainstream press not ask for a statement from Iggy on this phony "scandal". They have no moral authority and yet the press continues to support their self-righteous attitude. Talk about being in the tank for the Libs. No journalistic conscience at all!

Anonymous said...

The conduct of the Liberals on Afghanistan is becoming a joke of gigantic proportions, just when Canadians thought they may be on to something, other than political gamesmanship like we had with wafergate, Olympic logos, door knobs, course of the Torch relay, stimulus spending etc.
David Mulroney, the number one man in Afghanistan at the time, has volunteered to fly down to testify immediately, before the parliamentary committee, and we have the Liberals going to set up road blocks so he can't be heard by the committee, and prevent Canadians from hearing him now. Liberals for their shameful short term political gain, want the accusations to float in the air as long as possible, before some credible evidence is brought forward, by a well qualified source like David Mulroney. Liberals set out a smoke screen, that they want all documents released before Mulroney testifies, knowing full well only some documents can be released because of security concerns, and some are classified, but this will only serve the Liberal game plan, because then they can make accusations of coverup - they are treating Canadians like turnips. This is all about political games and not a search for the truth and I am surprised members of the media are now being duped by the tactics being employed.

Jen said...


No journalistic conscience at all!

That's the idea BCSpence, conscience is in the freezer.
You mentioned why the media does not question Ignatieff.

When was the last time or first for that matter, have you ever heard the national media ask the liberals serious questions.
And if they do ask, the answer is always the same-mumbo jumbo, not my fault, stephen harper made me do it,,,,,,,
Remember, the national media and LPOC are in bed together, they added an extra room to their bedroom for the NDP.

Media? what media? what you see is what you get same old same old liberal tune.

maryT said...

Are the liberals trying that hide and seek thing again. Remember the election where Trudeau was hardly seen or heard, and he won.

bocanut said...

Libs are now asking Canadians to support the trashing of Canada and it's soldiers.

They are desperate to drag down Canada to their disgusting level in hopes of regaining power.