Friday, November 06, 2009

Is Krista's name missing from the by line?

From yesterdays National Post comes this drivel from Pablo Rodriguez.

Some excerpts:

"Remember that for 18 years, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada was an author himself, as well as a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. He lived the life of an artist, with all the financial insecurity that comes with it. He watched with pride as our artists flourished on the world stage, and as they made Quebec and Canada models of creativity."

(Ignatieff the starving artist? Sorry Pablo, not buying it, and the last time I checked Quebec was part of Canada so there is no need to separate the 2, unless.....)
"Let us not allow ourselves to fall under the spell of the siren’s song, or should we say, of Stephen Harper’s song. Let us not forget that behind the Conservatives’ public relations strategy lurks a lacklustre vision whereby culture is subject to Conservative ideology. Let’s not forget Bill C-10, which sought to censor movies deemed “contrary to public policy” by revoking their funding."

(Nice attempt to smear the PM, you're all class Pablo. I see that the old Bill C-10 lie again makes an appearance. That was Liberal policy Pablo in case you forgot. The big lie here though is that not a single film is going to be censored by the government as Pablo maintains. No one from government is going to stop ANY film from being made; they are just going to have to find their own funding as do 99% of all business ventures in this country who mange to do quite well without using tax dollars to do so, which is something that Liberals like Pablo will never really understand.)

"Our Liberal leader is also committed to ensuring stable funding to CBC/Radio-Canada, allowing long-term planning so the broadcaster can continue to offer unique, quality programming, as per its mandate as a Crown corporation."

Yes he went there; Pablo actually brought up the CBC. Some days this is too easy.


wilson said...

While not the brightest bulb in the pack,
Pablo does have nice hair.

CanadianSense said...

Did the CBC help him write his post?

A $ 500 million promise to the Arts* sounds like a responsible Liberal position.

I am curious how many Liberal MP's trying to flee the sinking ship have been rebuffed by the CPC.

Jen said...

wilson said...
While not the brightest bulb in the pack,

it simply goes to show you that none of them are bright either.

CBC, well this is the liberal bedroom.

kursk said...

'Ole Pablo is nearly incoherent in both official languages.He needs any help he can get.Even from Krista.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pablo, it certainly should be subject to someone's ideology. The present ideological philosophy that sees my tax dollars funneled off to some moron whose idea of art is to hang used condoms from a tree in Banff, or the cretin who decided to make a statue of Jesus from feces, or the clown from the National Art Gallery who paid a million bucks for a red square painted on a white canvas is not an ideology that I believe the majority of Canadians subscribe to.

Anonymous said...

Why not make arts donations tax deductible and get rid of the government arts grants?
Then we could decide for ourselves what our culture is instead of some bureaucrat in Ottawa deciding for us.
Then we could decide whether we want condoms hung from trees or whether we want to go see the monster trucks.
After all, aren't all those progressives pro choice?
Why not let Canadians choose what there culture is and what art their dollars go to support?
Cut all the arts grants and give a tax break, people would have more money in their pockets to spend on what ever they felt was their culture.

maryT said...

Still waiting for a list of the over 1000 artists that have starved to death since funding was cut, as a comment at Chuckers said a while ago.
Anyone know who they are.