Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Simple solution.

My humble submission to the Nobel Prize Committee for consideration.

How to solve 2 of the greatest problems of our times with one simple fix.

Why don't we just feed the polar bears people* who refuse to tow the Anthropogenic global warming line.

If Al Gore can get a Nobel Prize for that crappy bit of propaganda of his, I should be a shoe-in with this idea for the 2010 awards.

*or the AGW scientists. I think that I can be bit flexible on this one.


hunter said...

Well, I'd back you for the Peace Prize, but do you really want that meaningless lefty award?

wilson said...

LOL good one AA.

Just think, a year from now, getting a Fossil Award may very well be a feather in one's cap!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed the Nobel committee hasn't come up with a prize for environmental science yet. Just think if they had been swifter, they could have helped cover the asses of those scientists in England cooking the data for climate change.

Anonymous said...

All these anti-Human yahoos (that want Zero-Growth because Babies are now 'Evil' and cause a massive Carbon Footprint) keep telling US that the Earth is over-populated should do us a favour and volunteer to be the first ones for a self-suicide kit prior to a mandatory cremation to avoid further damage from Funerals and a actual grave.
The heat from the cremations can be harvested to keep Animal Shelters warm and heat the water for washing the Dogs and cats.

Sounds pretty odd doesn't it.

But if you rent the DVD GATAACA with Jude Law you will see a scarey scene at the end which only I caught as it appears since nobody else has mentioned it.
The Movie shows the Future where the weak are expected to kill themselves for the betterment of the Whole,designer babies help breed out the flaws that produce Idiots and Welfare bumbs living off the State.
So keep an eye at the ending where Jude Law is Disabled from a Auto accident and he climbs into a Garbage-Burning device in every home , BUT....he pushes a button that happens to be 'Inside' the burner making it a cremation unit.

Gee, just picture a Canada with no need for the NDP or Refugee Lawyers for the scam artists and lazy wanting a free-ride after stepping on Canadian soil.

Philanthropist said...

Global warming environmentalists are more than happy to starve while freezing in the dark, or so they tell us, they should go feed themselves to the bears.