Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turnabout is fair play. Stephane Dion's wife has some thoughts

Considering how Ignatieff was working behind the scenes long before he seized power from Dion; this could have been much worse.

Janine Krieber from her Facebook Page.

It's been a year and one week since I last wrote on my blog. Ah! "la présidente" is lazy. But we have to take action now.

The Liberal Party is falling apart, and will not recover. Like all liberal parties in Europe, it will become a weakling at the mercy of ephemeral coalitions. By refusing the historic coalition that would have placed it at the helm of the left, it will be punished by history.

Anyway, I became convinced of it the moment that Paul Martin treated Jean Chrétien so cavalierly. The party died at that moment. If the Toronto elites had been more in tune, humble and realist, Stéphane would have been willing to take all the time and absord all the hits needed to rebuild the party. But they couldn't swallow the 26%, and now we are at 23%.

The time for choices is now. I don't want to see the Conservatives continue to change my country. They are, slowly, like any dictatorship, changing the world. Torture doesn't exist, corruption is a fabrication. Do we really have the right leader to discuss these questions? Can someone really write these insanities and lead us to believe that he simply changed his mind? In order to justify violence, he must have engaged in serious thought. Otherwise, it's very dangerous. How can we be sure that he won't change his mind one more time?

The party grassroots had understood all of that, and the average citizen is starting to understand it too. Ignatieff's supporters have not done their homework. They did not read his books, consult his colleagues. They were satisfied that he could be charming at cocktails. Some of them are outraged now. I am hearing: Why did no one say it? We told you loud and clear, you didn't listen.

I am starting a serious reflection. I will not give my voice to a party that will end up in the trashcan of history. I am looking around me, and certain things are attractive. Like a dedicated party that doesn't challenge its leader at every hiccup in the polls. A party where the rule would be the principle of pleasure, and not assassination. A party where work ethic and competence would be respected and where smiles would be real.

Maybe I'm not dreaming.

"La présidente."


wilson said...

''I will not give my voice to a party that will end up in the trashcan of history.
I am looking around me, and certain things are attractive.''

Green Party?

Ardvark said...

I was thinking NDP myself, but the GP or even the Bloc could a possibility but I doubt it is the BQ.

I am waiting for the first Liblogger to tell her that she should shut up for the sake of 'party unity'. There has been a lot of that going around lately.

Bec said...

Well now, that major and public rant, sounds rather ENTITLED now doesn't it?

How dare she say the following, her the wife of a man that weakly attempted to dismiss the votes of an electorate?

"I don't want to see the Conservatives continue to change my country. They are, slowly, like any dictatorship, changing the world. Torture doesn't exist, corruption is a fabrication."

She has embarrassed herself in front of a nation as her husband did a year ago.
Shame on her lack of self and moralizing control.

Anonymous said...

Is she actually suggesting that Liberal supporters should read Iggy's books?

Now that is torture!

The country is mine just as much as it is hers.The coalition with the sepratists was an inexcusable attempt at denying Canadians a gov't that they elected.I much prefer my Canada thank you very much.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I really resent that 'dictatorship' remark.

wilson said...

But the 'changing the world' thing,
That's one powerful PM we have,
the entire world is changing because of Stephen Harper!

hunter said...

I suspect that she is already regretting her facebook post, but she shouldn't, she spoke the truth. Unfortunately, the Liberal party hates the truth.

I vote for the green party, Dion would fit right in with that party, he would be able to lead it better than Lizzy May.

Anonymous said...

What was so impressive about her husband? I give him credit for standing up to the smears and crucifying in the Quebec press (cartoons depicting him as rat all the time, for example) during the years when there were few federalist voices in Quebec.

But the election campaign showed that there was no substance on any other issue. Rae had to step up to the microphone once at a rally to answer a question that Dion couldn't seem to answer.

This gentleman of integrity repeatedly called P.M. Harper a liar and the press let him get away with it.

As for accusing the Conservative Party of corruption, this is incredible coming from a Liberal. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Dion was elected by a fluke and Ignatieff was not even elected. Maybe Ignatieff's wife is less arrogant, but I can't see much difference between these two elitist leaders.

Ardvark said...

I wouldn't put too much weight to what she said about the conservatives as that is to be expected, but what she is saying publicly about Ignatieff is not and it makes you wonder just how many other Liberals are silently thinking the same thing.

Last Anon: Dion has one thing that Ignatieff will never have and that is the courage to stand by his convictions. Iggy has flip flopped on just about about everything he has ever said; so much so that even his own party has no idea what they stand for today or will stand for tomorrow.

Michael said...

Maybe its just me, but it is obvious she is speaking of the possibility of supporting another party. Any idea which? ;)

And where would that leave Dion? If Dion left the Liberals to join another party that would be HUGE. Think of it - the former LEADER of the LIBERAL PARTY crosses the floor. That would be the final straw for the Liberals. I could easily see them plunging below 20%.

But it wouldn't exactly be a floor crossing would it; considering that the party I'm thinking of doesn't have an MP sitting anywhere in the HOC yet. Think of the spectacle that would make - Dion gets up from the Liberal side of the House, crosses over to a set of empty benches, and sits by himself. That monitor we see displayed during election time showing the colour makeup of the various parties comprising the HOC would have one more colour added.

And the more I think of it, the more it makes sense that that party's first MP would be respected by environmentalists everywhere and he would be an obvious choice for leadership of that party.

How long would it take for the Liberals to recover if one of their recent ELECTED LEADERS decides to leave? And what would that say for Ignatieff's position as leader when he wasn't even elected?

Michael said...

And as an aside about why Dion's wife is showing great concern, it not just that the Tories are ahead of the Liberals by 15%. The other side of that narrative is that the NDP are now just 6% back of the Liberals.

Something to mull over, yes? :D

Patrick Ross said...

Thank God Dion's wife doesn't teach at the U of A.

She has to be about as stupid an individual as academia has ever produced.

Did she simply forget about the reaction of Canadians to that coalition? How much Canadians didn't want it?

Did she simply forget about the 51% the Conservatives polled at while the coalition remained on the table? The historic majority the Conservatives would have won if they had proceeded?

She's like Michael Byers. Absolutely no imagination.

Jen said...

AA or Wilson, for some odd reason I can't find the story to this website:

What I get is "Oops sorry......"

What's up?

Anonymous said...

I suppose the Conservatives are going to be blamed by the media for this Kreiber diversion ( a University professor who Liberals have previously told us is bright and intelligent) since they can’t blame the Conservatives for the attack itself. Kreiber, who isn’t just some plain jane, Ms. Smith, has made some serious accusations, and by the apparent standing of Liberals in the polls, she has her finger on the pulse, because with all the mistakes and incompetence that the Conservatives have shown in wafergate, carnival signs, Olympic logos, torch relay path, doorknobs, H1N1, stimulus spending in Conservative ridings, 20 foot scrolls of patronage appointments etc.etc. Liberals continue to flounder.
My memory seems to be a lot better, than members of the media, who don’t seem to recall in 2005 the Liberal government of Paul Martin, led by Defence Minister Bill Graham, signed a deal to hand over prisoners to Afghan officials instead of the United States. Only Liberals would rather send detainees to Afghani prison rather than anything run by George Bush. Once in Afghan custody, it is alleged that detainees were tortured by Afghan police, and thus by allowing this to happen the Liberal Government was complicit in violating the Geneva Conventions. They signed the deal that sent innocents into harm’s way, and failed to ensure proper oversight and humane treatment of detainees in the deal that they signed. When the new Liberal hero Richard Colvin was sent to Afghanistan in 2006, immediately after the Liberals were removed from power, he noted that abuse and torture of innocents was rampant. Ergo, under Bill Graham and the Liberals master plan, we were knowingly sending scores of civilians into torture. For me Colvin has added nothing new to the Afghan story except some unfounded allegations – has he given you some startling new revelations.
May I let you in on a little observed, or a least commented fact, that Liberals on the one hand although they are saying they have an intellectual as a leader, on the other hand, all that Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella (Iggy’s hand picked war room strategist) offers Canadians on behalf of Iggy and Liberals are cheap stunts and gimmicks, which are not even worthy of High School politics. The fact that the Liberal downslide coincides with Kinsella’ s employment is not a coincidence ( what sane person wants or needs a sponsorship tainted protege of David Dingwall around). Some people with a perverted sense of humor may find these high school antics funny but you can be sure there are no votes in these cheap antics as the polls indicate. Liberals in the field should be and are embarrassed.

Last week the big joke was Wayne Easter (of doorknob fame who Liberals should know by now no one takes seriously even inside the Liberal party) appeared on Power Play with a humongous 20 foot scroll of supposed Conservative appointments which when confronted by the host who truthfully said Liberals have done the same thing, he was then told by Easter – of course we do but everybody expects that and worse from Liberals – that is the type of a defense for Liberal actions we can expect from a door knob.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't some Quebeckers think of Stephane Dion as a rat when he was a Separatist at one time and then switched his allegiance to Liberals. He has played both sides of the fence on Quebec sovereignty so can you blame some Quebeckers for thinking of him as a rat.