Monday, February 02, 2009

The Real Coup.

There were 2 coup attempts in Canada last month, but only one of them succeeded.

We are all familiar with the failed attempt by the opposition parties at forming a coalition government in effect tossing out the current government and taking their place. We all know how that ended, but how many people are familiar with the details of other coup attempt that took place in Canadian politics last month, the successful one?

On December 10, 2008 Michael Ignatieff usurped the throne of the Liberal Party when the party brass, who were mostly supporters of Ignatieff, decided by themselves that the say of grassroots members of the party was not important and that they should be left out of the process of choosing the leader of their own party.

What started back in 2004 finally came into being by stifling the voices of the 68,000 card carrying party members in the name of a crisis that never really existed. There was a late attempt at democracy by then candidate Bob Rae to let the party members have their say but when that was shot down by party officials the coup was complete and Michael Ignatieff was named interim leader.

An interim leader without a challenger!

There is little point now going into the details of how this all was forced upon the party by Ignatieff supporters in the backrooms as the damage has been done, but some time has now passed since Ignatieff's leadership was forced upon the party and the reasons claimed for this undemocratic action are now gone.

It can be argued that once Stephane Dion was forced to resign in such an undignified way, if you want to believe that he wasn't forced to resign I have a bridge to sell you cheap, that a leader had to be chosen quickly if there was to be a quick election or if the GG decided to accept the notion of a coalition government. This I say is arguable because by the time Dion stepped down the GG had ALREADY decided to prorogue Parliament and there would be 50 full days before a budget was to be presented by the Harper Government. This of course makes the "crisis" that allowed the Ignatieff coup a fraud but now even more so as the Ignatieff lead Liberals have decided to support the budget killing the threat of a coalition and eliminating the threat of an election for some time to come.

But what now?

Ignatieff claimed that if he became the leader that he would "hope to immediately engage the grassroots."

Well Michael, the grass roots are indeed waiting. They are waiting for their chance to have their voices, which were removed from them by your team, returned. They are waiting for real democracy in the Liberal Party and they are waiting for a challenger to emerge to stand up and say to you that what you did was wrong and it was not the Liberal way.

The voice of the party is the members and not the backroom boys who imported you here to Canada after all of those years abroad to rule over us.


wilson said...

Shame shame AA.
The guy is royalty.
He's a celebrity!
Iggy has an agent and everything!!

Iggy will be able to have Liberals sit on their hands or stand in the hallway for votes,
and Canadians will be told by LibLuvin MSM
'now that's a leader, unlike Dion who had his MPs sit on their hands and stand in the hallway for votes'!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Question Period yesterday? - Oliver even showed pictures of Iggy running around a Mall - nothing of our PM in Quebec City at the Winter Carnival - never has shown any of PM Harpers charities or Mrs. Harper - but had to get free liberal advertising in for his party at every show. We have a group of 35 - 37 Tories who meet about every week and yesterday afternoon we had a meeting - only 2 of our group now will watch that show - he and Jane are so blatant liberal in all their comments. Even the Danny Williams demand on his liberal MP's - Oliver thinks that is okay - let a few of them vote against the budget - it will show Mr. Harper he is not totally for the budget - it is okay - they are liberals - nothing that it might look bad as Iggy's first test with his caucus, it shows he does not have control, Danny Williams does!. He is a liberal - and can do no wrong - however, when a South Shore Member from our Province of NS - was kicked out of caucus because he didn't vote with the party - Oliver said - Harper didn't haven't control so that is what he had to do, otherwise he would look weak!. Iggy - okay - Harper - weak - Oliver also said because Iggy is controlling the message that comes from his caucus - he doesn't feel like he is a control freak like Harper - he is just trying to get the right message out - he is in charge - Harper does it - he is a control freak - There isn't enough room on this blog to show his liberal bias - but one good thing - he is the one loosing credibility fast - read the blogs - absolutely no one pays any attention to his remarks - he has become the goof of the reporting industry - very much like dion was to the liberal party. The only trouble is - most of them are the same way.... and CTV is loosing ground fast!

Fay said...

I totally agree with everything that you have said Anonymous. I share your disappointment and frustration with CTV.

wilson said...

Makes yah wonder if the Iggy coup sabatoged Dion and out flanked Rae.

-CTV 'the re-take tape' went national

-equiptment malfunction in Dion's coalition address to the nation.

All a little too convenient, eh?

maryT said...

I agree with Wilson. Check out NNW to see that Ottawa has been put on notice by Tom Clark. Does that mean Ottawa is also on probation.
Tom Clark premiers today. Things will be different, and no more spin. Yeh, right.
Get those for sale signs out for bridges to nowhere if anyone believes that.

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff has been working at this goal for a long time, and he was doing so even while Dion was still the leader.

wilson said...

Liberals have a very leaky ship, some day, we will find out 'the rest of the story'.
Maybe Iggy will turn it into a screen play or made for tv miniseries,
the likes of which rivals 'Dallas'.

BTW, guess who Tom Clark's first guest is.........Iggy.
Yah, things will be different alright.

A smart CPC would line up enough Opposition Days before April 1, that leaves no doubt,
Libs changing leaders changes nothing.
They are weak.

Liberals would have to vote against (line up in the hallway)any confidence motions the Bloc and Dippers table, as their Opp Day motion.

Ardvark said...

"Libs changing leaders changes nothing."

That all depends on who that leader is. >=)

wilson said...

Iggy's biggest problem is not PMSH. It's his own gang, the people he stepped over, tossed out and manipulated to seize the leadership.

A leader disloyal to his people, garners no loyalty in return.
Doesn't matter how smart he is , nor media bias.

PMSH has always taken the hits to protect his people.
The biggest hit he has taken is from this budget, to protect Canadians from coalition kaos.