Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Mayor is an idiot.

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel has asked the city's legal department to investigate whether or not it is possible for the City of Edmonton to pass a law banning knives capable of killing.

What knife is NOT capable of killing Your Worship?

Not sure? How about all of them; but don't ask me when you can over pay the lawyers in the city's legal department with my tax dollars.

I am off to Walmart this morning to get a new set of steak knives, a keychain jack knife, a Leatherman tool, a couple of butter knives, and so not to cause an international incident with the Swiss, I plan on picking up one of their army knives.

My apologies for the many typos this morning.


Anonymous said...

and screwdrivers, pens, pencils, fondue sets, pointy sticks.....

Anonymous said...

better buy some bats, crowbars and any other thing that can be used as a weapon. next up thumbs, violence is near impossible with-out thumbs Ban thumbs LOL.
Why are all municipal politicians such idiots?.

Ardvark said...

It is not just municipal politicians unfortunately.

What? No more fondue? That is going too far!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, do you remember the days when Mel Lastman stood out as a nutty mayor. Now every Canadian mayor is attempting to out-crazy each other.

Calgary's Bronconnier is busy thinking about ways to hurt the real estate market even further by adding a real estate transfer tax.

You know, it's surprising that they haven't outlawed pies yet!

Anonymous said...

Edmonton does not have a gun/knife problem - the city has a VIOLENCE problem. When judges and laws don't address the root cause of violence (abhorrent behavior that need correction) you get the "goody two shoes" approach - ban everything. the only citizens who comply are the law abiding. Edmonton is now a "Plastic Utensils Only Zone Please!" There goes my red meat diet.

Ardvark said...

How about box cutters?

If memory serves me correct, a couple of box cutters were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of billions of $$$$ in costs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like His Worship has spent to much time in the centre of the universe.

Anonymous said...

Well that is a waste of time and discussion....where are knives and weapons not allowed but in jails but it seems that they can make anything that's handy into a about a toothbrush, spoon handle and anything else out of hard plastic.

maryT said...

Better yet, ban the mayor and council. When is the next election.
It is really time for voters to pay attention to municpal elections. When was the last time Edmonton had a decent mayor. And why are most mayors liberal/ndp. Must be because conservatives are out making the money that they can find a reason to tax.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

You all have forgotten the most deadly kitchen weapon know to man....wet noodles.

Typical of a politician to state that the problem is the "item" and not the person (or people) behind it. None of us has the time, tax money, or desire to assess, identify and label things as deadly weapons.

Focus in my opinion should be on the inconsequential laws and inadequate punishment that accompanies the rampant violent behavior that is on the rise in our society.

I suggest we bring back appropriate punishment for those that want to take other people's lives from them. By appropriate I mean something more severe (and final) than a stay in a federal prison living off the avails of the taxpayers.

When a person fails to respect and/or fear the laws of a society, they become dangerous. In that type of person lies the potential to do terrible things to his/ her fellow man.

We have such individuals in our society; always have and always will because man is inherently capable of evil. We can set the standard of our punishments low (which we have) and continue to see an escalation in violent crimes, or we can lobby our politicians for harsher sentences.

.....great, I was just about to write a letter to the Justice Minister but darn it if my wife didn't throw out all the pens and pencils in the house so someone wouldn't lose an eye.

I wonder if green wax crayon will be easy to read?

maryT said...

Please, don't use green, they will think you are an envirowacko so pick another color. LOL

Prairiehuckster39 said...

Cheese fondue by the handful is not an option BTW. The fondue forks stay.