Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jack Layton can't meet with Obama; attempts to have him arrested.

Breaking News from Ottawa.

Disgruntled because he will not be allowed to meet with US President Barack Obama today during his short visit to Canada; Jack Layton files a complaint with the RCMP to have Obama arrested for plagiarism.

Update: RCMP laughs in Layton's face.

Coming soon. Another AWM exclusive report: We are currently working on a story highlighting the hypocrisy of the left. It is regarding how the NDP along with all other left wing and environmentalist groups are totally ignoring the massive amount of CO2 emissions that are the direct result of this 5 hours visit only because of their excitement that The One is visiting Canada. The left didn't seem to like this kind of thing before.

Airforce 1, the motorcade, and that C-17 Globmaster that delivered and will returning those vehicles do not fill their gas tanks with hope and change just because Obama is President.
FYI the fuel capacity of the C-17 = 134,556 Litres.

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