Thursday, February 12, 2009

Liberal Blogger Endorses the Ardvark for Liberal Leader.

If you want to run as a delegate you had to join the Party before 5 p.m. local time yesterday. With that deadline past I decided to provide my endorsement for the next leader of the Liberal Party. There isn’t much of a choice, ha ha, but here’s is my endorsement:

I endorse Alberta Ardvark for leader.

“He sucks but he has given as much to the Party as King Iggy, and he’s against torture.” - 1 Anxious Liberal

Take some time and read his stuff for a take on just how some of the grassroots of the Liberal party feel about Ignatieff's coup and how the members have been shut out by the party elite.

Anxious was also the one who first revealed to the blogging world that Michael did not donate any money to his own party in 2008 and triggered Ignatieff's war room guy into attack mode. He went after the wrong people of course by comparing leadership candidates with ordinary private citizens, but how much can you expect from an unpaid volunteer.

1 comment:

wilson said...

As long as it gets Liberals back into power, their 'grassroots' will eventually accept their American tourist to lead them to the promised land.

What Liberal 'core values' are there left to defend?
(other than supporting Canada's first family of terrorism)

Iffy pretty much has a blank slate to work with,
because Liberals have spent the last decade brokering other party's ideas.
So now Canada's northern Obama can TELL Liberals who they are.