Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things not to do

Here are a few things not to do:

Do not take driving lessons from Stephane Dion.

Do not take any stock tips or economic advice from Michael Ignatieff.

But most of all, do not believe for a minute that the last 2 leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada can relate to the average Canadian or claim to understand and represent them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think that like Harper, most average Canadians have lived virtually their entire adult lives at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer either as a paid political hack, or a paid lobbyist....

Interesting heroes you pick.

Ardvark said...

Are saying Harper was being paid by the taxpayer before he became a MP?

If you are you are wrong.

Manny said...

Anon is under the mistaken impression that the wages paid out by the National Citizens Coalition was government money. You should forgive him because like most Liberals he sees all money as belonging to the government; including yours.

Anonymous said...

He was an assistant to Deb Grey, first ever Reform MP.

He never had a career outside of politics or lobbying about politics.

Anonymous said...

Manny should look up to word "virtually".

Anonymous said...

Carry on, Manny, blindly supporting the highest spending gov't in Canadian history, that has also presided over the fastest and deepest turnaround in our federal finances.

Anonymous said...

And Manny, being an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, I take nothing from gov't only pay into to it and am not pleased to see so much of it pi**ed away by idiots who don't know what they are doing, and mostly to buy votes in a very innefective and inefficient way.

Maybe you like it that way, but I don't.

Manny said...

"He never had a career outside of politics or lobbying about politics."
This would be called political experience. A good thing for a politician to have, no?

"Manny should look up to word "virtually"."
Perhaps you should look up the word "innefective" (sic).

"blindly supporting the highest spending gov't in Canadian history,"
My Liberal MP and his party are also supporting this budget, so your point is?

Ardvark said...

It is Valentines day, please try to get along =)

What PM Harper did is not relevant to the fact that Ignatieff has never taken the silver spoon out of his mouth long enough to worry about personal finances and to purchase stocks,bonds, RRSP's etc.

He has no clue how the average person in this country lives or has lived for most of the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate him because he is an intellectual. If you must, find other reasons, or listento him without preconceived notions and decide.

And Manny, to remind, your favourite little gov't turned the spending taps on when times were good, when Harper inherited the best economy in the G7, such that we blew our buffer.

As for experience, well I prefer my leaders to have real world experience outside of politics in order to develop perspective and a world view.

In any event, have yourself a nice
Valentine's day, Aardvark