Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little word association game for a Sunday

Liberal Party.





Michael Ignatieff.

Small town cheap.


Ht Joanne.


Prairiehuckster39 said...

I'll play.....

Important townhall meetin'

Ardvark said...

Oh sorry but our judges cannot accept that answer, and you do not win the grand prize, but you do qualify for our lovely parting gift of the Liberal Party of Canada home game.

You too can experience what it is like to ignore your own party grassroots and take over the party from within while at the same time trying to figure out different and creative ways to sit on your hands in Parliament. Fun for all ages and more so if you have been out of the country for 27 years.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

Darn it anyways. I was hopin' to get the crockpot...wait a minute...I think I just did.