Monday, February 16, 2009

An Urgent Message for Michael Ignatieff. Feb 16th, 2009

Michael before you head out of Stornaway today with your fake beard and top hat on, please take note that in Canada we do not celebrate Presidents' Day as you did while you were living in the USA. I would hate to see you make a fool out of yourself again this year.

Enjoy the Day.


I got $50 that says that Michael would not be able to name the Canadian Provinces which observe today as a holiday.*

*That is before his advisors fill him in on our quaint Canadian traditions. FYI Michael: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba observe today as a holiday.


Prairiehuckster39 said...

Iggy was feeling shy so he asked me to post his answer....Alberta, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

Bec said...

Ha ha, I was about to post, until his advisors..... and spotted your ad on!
Can't you just hear it.."oh sh!t team, that blogger asked a question that I can't answer, how many more Canadiana questions are there that I should brush up on"?

Advisors answer, "27+ years sir and most of them are not in any text book, you had to be here to understand them".....

"Oh jeez, iggiasm retorts,give me the Coles notes version, I have to at least sound Canadian, EH"?!

wilson said...

Much has been made of Iffy's USA connections in the media lately. Funny, now all of a sudden the Libs WANT to be seen as an
American puppet government!
That's just too funny.

Do LibsDippers know O is against SSM and he wants to escalate the war in Afghanistan?
The 2 things LibsDppers fought/condemned Cons hardest on, are now ok by them.

Jen said...

Do the opposition parties know that obama is following GWB in extending their tour in Afghanistan as well as following GWB american stlye ANTI-TERRORIST ACT-telling all americans that he OBAMA like GWB will not stand for any terrorists acts in the united states.
Very very much unlike the opposition parties in canada who have no use for our military nor the afghan people nor for the ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL NOR FOR THE CRIME BILL.

Now we hear on CTV's Q/P with FIFE that the coalition trio are going to Wahington to talk about the economy in canada.
Imagine that three parties that called the american president GWB names and insulted him are going to show their faces to the Congress.

maryT said...

How about asking him to name all 10 provinces, their capitols and premiers.

maryT said...

I hope you have all read the article in NNW re Iggy and his trip to the west.
He says he is working to get a liberal majority and failing that might consider working with the ndp.
He said, you are looking at a man who gave up the chance to be PM of Canada, because of outrage in the west. Seems he forgot the outrage was clear across Canada, Ont included.
Where does he plan to gain 74 seats plus keep all he has.
But, to show he understands the west, he will bring up the labelling laws re livestock when he meets with the great O on Thursday.
And he doesn't want to play too much on the fact he has 3 friends in O's administration. How come it is always mentioned.
He never mentions, that he was refused an associate professorship at Harvard.
And read the article by Weiner at Bourque on Canada, you are not on our radar. But on a cbc interview he said that maybe if Canada had a coup we would get their attention.
3 coup members are on their way to Washington to discuss things with Congress.