Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Clean Slate

A vote for Michael Ignatieff is a vote for the continued divisions within the Liberal Party of Canada.

Do we really need a continuation of the Martin and Chretien feuds that have divided the party for the last decade? Delegates please ask yourself if that is what is best for a party that not only HAS to do well in the next election, but also has to unite us all towards the goal of returning the natural governing party to power in Canada. I know it is unpopular to admit, but these divisions have gone on for far too long and they are too big to ignore.

Ignatieff's ties run very deep within the party elite and anyone paying attention can see the obvious ties to certain factions within the party. These ties are so deep that this group of party insiders through back room deals managed to thwart the democratic process and long held party traditions by having a leadership candidate to be named as interim leader.

This is the very first time in history that this has happened, and it did not happen by accident.

We do not need more division within the party or the country and it is time to put all of these old fights behind us. The only way to do this is not by voting for the chosen inside man with close links to those past fights, but to vote for the leadership candidate who can honestly claim that he has no ties to either the Chretien or Martin factions that continue to divide our party.

Vote for the clean slate.
Vote for the Ardvark
Vancouver 2009!


Anonymous said...

ha Aaardvark... you made my day.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

How's your french? Better polish up on it...I see you moving east soon. Go, Ardvark, go.

Signed: Fanatical supporter of the Western Perspective.

Jen said...

Jen said...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
An Interview with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

What follows below is the transcript of my interview with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on last night's show. Mr. Harper is a trained economist and quite an impressive statesman. Our northern neighbors are lucky to have him at the helm. We covered a wide range of key topics including the ailing banking system, risks of protectionism, oil sands and autos. As you'll see below, Mr. Harper offered some very wise observations and insight.


Another Alberta Liberal said...

We need you there. Go east young man. LOL

Prairiehuckster39 said...

Iggy visited Edmonton on Friday and informed the country that there is potential for seats to be won in Alberta by his party.

He also mentioned the mistake made by the Liberal's in the early '80s in how their energy strategies (National Energy Policy)were percieved by the West as an attempt to siphon of finances from Alberta.

Uh, so how were we supposed to perceive it? The loud sucking sounds that originated from Ottawa back then...were they just figments of our imaginations?

Now Iggy wants to be our friend out here and work with us. How nice for him. I think were are doing fine out here as Conservatives and will continue to do alright without Iggy's interventions or influence.

As per his visit, I hope he got a chance to at least visit West Edmonton Mall while he was here otherwise he will have made the trip for nothing.