Friday, January 30, 2009

Searching for a campaign slogan.

The Liberal Leadership Convention Vancouver 2009.
Let the Members Decide.
Ardvark for Leader.

What do you think? Your suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank you,


I respect the thoughts and opinions of the party grassroots.

Michael, can you say the same?


Ardvark said...

I should note that "Ardvark, the Sheila Copps of 2009" has already been suggested.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Vote for Aardvark. I suck.

wilson said...

Vote for Me
or you're all on probation!

Yes Danny, sir.

Let me sleep on it!

I came, I conquered.

Canada needs Me.

I am the One!

Toonto, Toronto, Toronto!

Ardvark said...

I am the one we Liberals have been waiting for.

Too much?

wilson said...

I like it AA!!
But Liberals own Canada, right, and Iggy had to leave the country he loved,
just to save us,
so it's correct to say

I am the One Canadians have been waiting for.

Thucydides said...


"I HOPE to CHANGE the way Canadians see the Liberal Party"

If that isn't working, then go nuclear:

"Aardvark is not the Count!"

Best of luck

Sammy said...

I'll vote for you true Liberal tradition