Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Attention Media: Micheal Ignatieff is the "Interim Leader" .

Micheal Ignatieff is the interim leader of the Liberal Party. He is not the leader until he is ratified at the Liberal Party convention in May and there is still plenty of time for a new challenger to surface, an old one to step back into the ring, or even a revolt of the rank and file.

These are the facts. There is no guarantee that the well spoken Iggy will be anointed as the 'chosen one' at the convention; so why does the press almost always refer to him as the Liberal Leader and leave out the word "interim"?

Any ideas?

You might say that this is just what the press does, but before you do, ask yourself if they did the same thing for Bill Graham?

Hmmm, can't remember?

Well perhaps you might want to refresh your memory by doing the following: Go to CBC, CTV, or any of your other MSM outlets and do a search for Bill Graham stories from January to December 2006. Take note of the number of times he is referred to as the interim leader. Now repeat the same for Iggy over the last month. What did you find, and do you still think that the press have been treating both of these interim leaders the same?

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