Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little Jack Layton spin for your enjoyment.

Jack Layton "In today's budget, he prioritized $60 billion in corporate tax cuts and only $1.15 billion for the unemployed,"

That is very interesting Jack because as part of your deal with the devils of the coalition you had already agreed to totally reverse your position and now would support the Liberal view on the proposed Conservative cut to corporate taxes and that they would remain unaltered in a coalition budget.

Funny how with the coalition idea slipping away to the trash heap of Canadian political history that he now tries to spin it differently.

Or maybe he knows something that the rest of us don't.

Speaking of spin. Does this look like the future NDP line of attack on Iggy and the Libs?

Jack Layton: "He has a choice to make. It's either to prop up the Harper government and allow it to continue in a fashion that is clearly wrong-headed, or to pursue the agenda laid out by the coalition, which would create jobs for the future and would transform our economy and would really protect the people who are suffering the most from the economic crisis."

Update: As I said, it happened and Jack is already going hard after Iggy. I will just put this quote here because Layton seems to want to now use the term coalition as a negative when up until this morning it was the greatest thing in the world. ""We have a new coalition now on Parliament Hill. It's a coalition between Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff," Mr. Layton told reporters.

This guy will say anything if he thinks it will benefit him.


Ontario Girl said...

Sitting around the kitchen table seems to have taken a back seat, to the NDP's grab for power.

2 billion for social housing
billions for infracture
$170 million for forestry
extended EI to 50 weeks
more money for ABORIGINALS than the Kelona Accord

The PBP party...politics before people. It's all about the NDP's cabinet posts and increased salaries and Layton being 1/3 prime minister.

I hope they end up eying the early Canada Pension and income splitting that the PM introduced.
Nothing more than a miserable joke.

Time for the losers to walk down the hill and get lost forever.

Bec said...

Ontario Girl @ 8:38 am

I must say that the "PBP party" is the best name I have heard so far.

Politics before People, indeed! What a bunch of losers!

NorthernRaven said...

At the next leaders debate, Layton can say to Ignatief:

"You had a choice Sir, you could have said YES"

maryT said...

Just asking, what are the jobs of the future. Is the future tomorrow, next year or next generation.
I bet when that future gets here there will be jobs.
Be thankful there are no jobs building a nation day care plan, or no jobs for accountants to plan how to send money to China/Mo Strong. One figure I hears a few years ago is these credits would be 8 billion/year.
China must have counted on it as their economy is going to the dogs.
How long before Danny lowers the flags again. And when he does, who cares. Danny says NFLD will incure a 900 million dollar deficit due to PMSH. Too bad how sad.