Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pulling the rug out from under the coalition.

Heard any of these before?

Stephen Harper does not understand that he did not get a majority.

The Conservatives fail to recognize the seriousness of Canada's economic situation.

He (Harper)was given a minority, and he refused to work with the other parties, he had 38% of the vote and he's trying to govern like he had 100% of the power, he's the one who's got democracy wrong, not us.

Given the critical situation facing our fellow citizens and the refusal and inability of the Harper government to deal with this critical situation, the opposition parties have decided that it was now time to take action.

The Conservatives chose partisan games based on ideological beliefs instead of considering the interests of Quebecers and Canadians.

The Conservatives must work with the other parties.

The Conservatives divisive measures that were making it hard for Parliament to work together .

Now tell me how a budget that does address the concerns of the coalition, is a real response to the current situation, is perhaps so non "conservative" or ideological that it is pissing off many so called conservatives, that the Government invited the other parties to participate in it's creation, is ready with cash immediately for the economy, is popular among the electorate, and is pretty much doing exactly the opposite of what the above quotes claim, could be voted against by the people who made the above statements?

It can't be, or at least it can't be honestly unless those above statements were just more of the same political rhetoric that we have seen so often in the past, and that Canadians are getting tired of reading about.

There has been plenty of talk about how the PM has abandoned the principles of conservatism, and that he should stick to his guns by not increasing spending etc.
Fortunately those so called conservatives that are doing most of the criticizing are not the PM as this type of thing would be playing right into the hands of Layton and the coup crew who would be overjoyed if the PM were that stupid or that ideologically rigid. It would be spun as proving that the coalition is a good idea because the PM does not understand or care about Canadians and is not willing to make things work. They are not going to get that chance.

The opposition gets out foxed by Harper again and they have not yet figured it out.

The budget will pass, the coalition will be dead with the partners pointing fingers at one another in blame, good honest government will continue, and when an election eventually is called
the proof of who compromised and was willing to make government work, and who was only playing political games will be even clearer than it was when the NDP/Bloc/Liberal hidden agenda was first revealed back in early December.


Anonymous said...

We can't let The Coalition die. A vote for a lib-digger-separtist is a vote for The Coalition.

Anonymous said...

he's trying to govern like he had 100% of the power... I hear this all the time, what am I missing? Any PM in power should govern like they have 100% and if the opposition parties do not like what the PM puts forward then vote against what he proposes...

In 1947, “Letters Patent Constituting the Office of the Governor General of Canada” (under King George VI), transferred virtually all the roles and responsibilities of the Crown from the Sovereign to the Governor General to carry out, without having to refer matters to the Sovereign. The Prime minister has set himself up to be the only active member of the Privy Council to whom the Governor general can turn for advice...............

Therefore, the GG refers to the PM for advice on what s/he should do at any time when called upon. Meaning, the Coalition is dead as PM Harper stated he would never let separatist run/ruin

maryT said...

Would layton be happy if this budget only applied to the 38% who voted conservative.
He is the PM of all Canada, not just Quebec or NFLD.
Danny wants to add 1 billion to the debt and duceppe wants it to increase also.

maryT said...

The great one has postponed his announcement for 15 minutes.

Ardvark said...

What, Gretzky is in town? ;)

wilson said...

Thankyou for this post.
I am sick of the 'conservative ideologues' and Andrew Coyne.

Iggy will be attacked viciously by Dippers and Bloc.

Dippers especially, because Jack gave up the chance to kill the LPC with the party financing legislation, and chose instead to get a cabinet sit.
He lost BOTH.
Harper wins.

Now dear Iggy, to define the LPC as NOT ConservativeLite, he will have to take the party BACK to the left and fight it out with the Dippers and Greens.

What a foolish and dangerous game the Liberals, all of them, Iggy included, played.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you , wilson. I would much rather have the CPC at the helm.
This "falling on your sword" crap is ideological nonsense.
The PM was torn apart for not doing anything by the three amigos. Canadians have been brainwashed since PET into being good little socialists. People expect the government to fix any and all problems.

Ardvark said...

It worked.

The coalition is dead, which should be enough just on it's own, Iggy is now going be doing his best Stephane Dion impersonation at the helm of the Libs with Jack and Gilles nipping at his heels, and even though lots of money is being spent, it is a lot better than it would have been if ANY other party or coalition was in power. Look at what the left's savior Obama is planning on spending in the US as proof.

This is why Harper is the PM and his detractors are not.