Friday, January 30, 2009

I took a long walk tonight

I took a long walk earlier tonight, I would have taken a canoe trip but the river is frozen solid, and somewhere between the convenience store and the 4 way stop, I came to a realization. It did not come easy, nor did it come without much deep thought and reflection, but after having watched Canadian politics over the last few months it was obvious that I cannot just sit idly by and do nothing while a great political party is being dragged down by its leader.

So after first striking a committee a week ago to study the possibility; I have decided to declare my intent to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada at the convention taking place in Vancouver April 30-May 3, 2009. Many thanks to all those who have already expressed their support and to the many who have already began to work on the campaign. There is lots of work ahead, and with your help I can save the Liberal Party from an Ignatieff future.

There is so much to do and the paper work has to be in by March 1st to make it all official, but even with all of this work, I promise to use this media to keep you all informed of my progress, my platform, and the reasons why I am needed to save the Liberal Party of Canada.

If you were planning on supporting Michael, all I ask is that you give me the chance to prove to you that I can be as much of a Liberal as he is, because we all know that he is already as conservative as I am.

Unlike others who have high jacked the party and who are already planning the coronation; I value the democratic process along with your opinions, and I will work for your votes rather than just assuming the throne.

Vote for real change. Vote for the Ardvark for LPC leader!!

Thank you for your support.



Anonymous said...

OK, I'm on your bandwagon!!!

I would dearly love to work on your campaign. What restaurant will we meet at and who will be passing me the brown paper bag full of cash under the table?


wilson said...

Do you think Liberals are ready for a leader that doesn't live in a Toronto hightower or come from Quebec?
I thought that was a mandatory criteria for Liberal leadership? no?

Uphill battle for sure AA.
Oh, and having lived your entire life in Canada,
gee, do you think you are cosmopolitan enough to catch the attention of Quebecers and those who sip wine with their pinkies held high?

Lots of negatives to overcome AA, but as long as you can string together 12 ugly names to attack PMSH,
and can convincingly say
'I will lead you back into power'
and 'yes Danny',
I think you have a shot at it.
Good luck!