Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well Colour Me Surprised.

Jack Layton and coalition partner Gilles Duceppe say they will not support the budget.

In the mean time Iggy is trying to find more creative ways to have Liberal MP's sit on their hands.


James Bowie said...

Please point to a single document identifying a coalition between the Bloc and the NDP. It does not exist. Never in Canadian history has the bloc entered into a coalition with any other party.

As for "surprised," Harper just handed you an $85 deficit. Surprise!

Anonymous said...

Doesnt matter if there was a document or not as the saying goes, its the thought that counts.
And it would seem that the Ontario LIEberal government "really likes it" so much so they will try and match it dollar for dollar.

Bec said...

James Bowie @ 4:27 pm

A photograph is better than a signature and a reaction from the leader of the Bloc, better.

"As for "surprised," Harper just handed you an $85 deficit. Surprise!"

Then please, oh wise one, speak up or shut up!
Save the country, not just you but try and help, 33 million....what a critically, selfish pundit.

Ardvark said...

Stick with this line of reasoning; treating Canadians as idiots is a guaranteed winner in the next election campaign.

Ardvark said...

"The Bloc Quebecois will neither move nor will it support any motions of non-confidence in the Government during the term of its support for this agreement and will vote in favour of the Government’s position with respect to all matters referred to in the immediately preceding paragraph."

Nah, no agreement there.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the two cohorts won't support the budget when clearly expediency is a key in addressing the financial situation...or so they've stated in the past. Is Canada first in their concerns?

Anonymous said...

There is a fourth entity in the coalition and that is the Quebec National Assembly. Today, Duceppe said:
"«C'est un budget qui de façon évidente, claire, nette, précise va à l'encontre de la motion unanime de l'Assemblée nationale», a-t-il lancé en référence à la motion adoptée par les 125 députés à Québec, et qui dressait une liste de demandes aux conservateurs."

Roughly translated this is what Duceppe said: "This budget clearly and unequivocally goes against the unanimous motion of the National Assembly which contained the list of demands to the Conservatives."

{I don't know if the link will work but that quote is from an article by Fannie Olivier, Canadian Press.)

So Duceppe is taking his marching orders from the 125 members of the Quebec National Assembly. Not at all surprising. In a coalition government, he would be bound to bring their demands to the table.

So in a coalition, not only would Jean Charest get to bitch and complain directly at Iggy, Duceppe would deliver the same blows at the coalition government. Nice set up.

Louise M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aardvark....glad I came here to see the comments....garsh hehhehee
Thanks for coming to visit me.:-)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Duceppe's signature is on this document regarding 'Canadians and Quebecers.'

Ardvark said...

Joanne thanks for the link to the signed doc. I guess Gilles speaks for Quebecers, Layton speaks for Canadians, and of course Ignatieff speaks for "we Americans".

Denying the Bloc is part of the coup didn't fly last month and it will not fly this month even if Iggy is the pilot.

Robert McClelland said...

Jack Layton and coalition partner Gilles Duceppe say they will not support the budget.

Somebody has to save conservatives from themselves. You should be thanking Jack and Gilles for that.

Anonymous said...

Some folks, like your first poster, sure don't believe in getting "hung up" on things like the "facts" or "the truth".

Jen said...

In case you did not hear it AA day before yesterday(26th) on GLOBAL NEWS. Host Newman interviewed Michael Ignatieff. When questioned about the coalition. Michael said that he has to "HONOUR THE COALITION AGREEMENT BECAUSE HIS SIGNATURE ON THE AGREEMENT.
David Rutherford repeated on Ignatieff comments on his radio show.

Which means folks, the coalition is still simmering waiting to boil over by Duceppe and NDP if Ignatieff decides to ignore his word'HONOUR'