Friday, January 09, 2009

Ardvark Predicts the Future.

Sometime during the next election campaign Jack Layton will be in front of a microphone and he will say the following: "Michael Ignatieff is nothing more than Harper light".

And he will do so with that big annoying smile.


Jen said...

Don't forget Duceppe, he will have the sheet of paper in hand to remind canadians that Ignatieff signed onto the coalition as well.

AA did you read in the National Post. McCallum and Brison are going around the country appearing in town or city halls to talk about the economy. MUST BE THEIRS since their personal economy is in debt.
Because, if it is about canada's economy then they should say nothing- not until they return the millions of dollars of our money which they stole from us and which we still have not recieved as yet.
I promise you that those two will preach the same language "we inherited mulroney deficited" and another should recite " we inherited the sponsorship, thievery corruption...... and if you care so deeply about canadians give back their money which you liberals stole for years .

Ardvark said...

Hi Jen.

Brison and McCallum both have been recently saying that tax cuts were a bad idea, but now Iggy has them traveling around the country saying the opposite and contradicting their recent positions.

Liberal principles are just a poll away.

Jen said...

AA of course it is a bad idea for the liberals; do you know the millions of dollars they can collect again for their personal.
IgnTIEFF comes and goes one minute he is for the next he is against-sounds familiar. PAUL MARTIN.

Would you get great enjoyment in asking the liberals questions which they are afraid to answer.

"Since you people(liberals) love canada and her citizen that you went so far as to steal from her for your personal use, then for you people to complain about the economy why don't you liberals,give back the millions of dollars."

AA. The MSM are too chichen sh*t to do the job and liberals know that. then someone no matter who, has the right to ask for the millions back.

Oh! another thing, IGNATIEFF is ordering his people what to do and not to do or say to the MSM. HE IS A CONTROL FREAK-sounds familiar to you.

Jen said...

AA president elect OBAMA once said a few months ago that canada has a president. If PALIN said that-the MSM would be all over her.

Also he said that he has 57 STATES to visit. which other 7 states is not known to the ordinary americans nor will the MSM bother to ask OBAMA. Again, had Palin mentioned 57 states, the MSM will eat her alive.

If ever a coalition is formed, OBAMA will have three presidents to deal with:
Now,wouldn't that be interesting?

Ardvark said...

The big O is coming to Canada soon and he and PM Harper are going to get along very well.

It is going to be fun watching the left squirm when they see what kind of leader Obama really is.

Tiny Perfect Blog said...

Actually, Harper is Ignatieff light.