Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In 9 months time....

If in 9 months time* the poll numbers look positive enough for the Liberals that they decide to pull the plug and try to force an election.

Will Jack and Gilles play along?

And if you think the answer is yes, could you offer up some reasons as to why you think they would do so after their 'coalition leader' Iggy just threw them both under the political bus?

As most adulterers know, sometimes those old bed partners can come back to haunt you.

The love fest has already started.

From the comments:

"Ignatieff will turn 65 and get his pension before we see an election,
... oh no, wait, he can't get a pension, he's never worked in Canada ..."Thomas Mulcair NDP MP.

The latest addition to the NDP web site. "This is the first important public decision Mr. Ignatieff has made in his life. And what he decided to do is stick with Mr. Dion's unfortunate habit of voting for Stephen Harper. What you and I learned today is that we can't rely on Mr. Ignatieff to oppose Mr. Harper."

Update: A day later: NDP radio ads appear. Ad #1 Ad #2

That was fast. You might think that these were ready before the budget came out. Nahhh, that would make no sense.

* an arbitrary but perhaps realistic date.


hunter said...

Interesting point, I think it's every man (party) for himself.

Anonymous said...

They are hookers. Pay them enough and they'll be back.

Bec said...

Well now, hmmm interesting to say the least. This was a theory that I had with the NDP and Bloc, forming an informal opposition.

It would make sense for Gilles,and enable a split in the Quebec vote. They are both mad enough to do just about anything.

Ardvark said...

Duceppe has even more reason to get back at Iggy since he is much more of a threat to the Bloc than Dion ever could have been.

It takes all 3 to trigger an election and I think their spirit of cooperation has taken a big hit.

wilson said...

From a scorned lover (

Ndp MP Mulcair:
"Ignatieff will turn 65 and get his pension before we see an election,
... oh no, wait, he can't get a pension, he's never worked in Canada ..."

Isn't that priceless, the Dippers are going to attack Iggy on being an 'old' (ex)American.....

Oh my gawd, this is going to be rather fun.

wilson said...

Iggy will get no further in Quebec now that the coalition is dead.

PMSH got a foothold, only because Ducey didn't see the threat, once he did, Ducey went into ABC mode.

Anonymous said...

And in the meantime we Tories are prostituting ourselves and leaving our grandchildren with a $80 BILLION deficit.
Talk strategy all you want, this is what Canadians will remember.

Anonymous said...

One way or the other the NDP and Bloc will have to go to the election.

The good news for Michael Ignatieff, is that the Liberals will actually gain seats in Quebec. Up to about 7 in the Southern Quebec and Gaspe Region, at the expense of the Bloc. The Liberals will probably also win back seats in Kitchener, London, West Nova, and take Bill Casey's seat.

As for the NDP, expect seat reductions, unless the NDP gets a populous less activist/extreme leader like Manitoba Premier Gary Doer, or Peter Stoffer.

As for the Greens I suspect that if they actually work winning a seat, then Mike Naggy in Guelph (who go 12,000 votes) could get elected.

As for the CPC, not much should change, but a slim majority is possible if the seat redistribution happens. I suspect a pickup could happen in Abitibi-Nunavik (norther Quebec), Rivier-Du-Loup (if Mario Dumont runs), the NWT, two in outer Vancouver area, Kingston (if Milliken leaves), Sault-Sainte-Marie, and a few Brampton and Mississagua if there are enough woken up voters from the coalition threat.

Mutton Chops said...

If Iggy's poll numbers are strong it means he is doing well in Quebec. And if he is doing well in Quebec you can bet sufficient Bloc MPs will ensure the government survives.

Bec said...

Anon @ 8:15

That is a naive and uninformed statement. You have no idea if that will happen. My children and grandchildren did not pay a dime of the Trudeau financial screw-up, I did.
These are different circumstances and the precedent is yet to be set or realized.
People worked hard to get out of the depression and many other recessions. Relax!

Ron said...

I thought about this a while ago but it went no where - now that the NDP and Bloc are mad at the Liberals, I wonder if Jack and Gilles would consider a coaliton and have themselves recognized as the official opposition? Since, combined, they hold more seats than the Liberals, could this be done? Since, technically, two or more parties could form a coaliton to become government, what stops two or more parties from forming the official oppositon? There are significant monitary and parliamentary perks that go with the "official opposition" title including a house to live in and a larger reserch budget. Anyone know the answer?

Bec said...

28/01/2009, 6:18pm - Please join me in the New Democrat Opposition right now.

Check it out!

wilson said...

''I wonder if Jack and Gilles would consider a coaliton and have themselves recognized as the official opposition?''

LOL, I don't see why not!
Jack & Gilles have 86 seats to the Liberals 77.
The Bloc was the Official Opposition at one time, why would they object?

Ardvark said...

Jack lost his shot at being deputy PM, so he might as well go for the leader of the official opposition.

As an added bonus, this move would stimulate the economy by having the moving vans take their 3rd trip to Stornoway in as many months.

A win win.

Ardvark said...

I seem to remember having some thoughts on this very subject not long ago.

Chris said...

Removal vans going to Stornoway for the 3rd time in three months stiumulating the economy. I like it.

But think of all the extra carbon emission. Lizzy won't like that.

maryT said...

I can't remember, but did Duceppe live at Stornoway when he was opposition leader. Remember that slap in the face to Preston Manning by Chretain.
But maybe Layton would like to live in another subsidized house.
He doesn't trust Iggy or PMSH.
When he or duceptte finally do vote to bring the govt down, the words of the past few days will come back to haunt him.
Just like iggy will carry the coalition label.