Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adler defines Ignatieff

"Any careful examination of the life and times of Michael Ignatieff will show that the one core principle he will never abandon is his ability to abandon. Friends, acquaintances, organizations, causes, universities, countries and now coalition partners. All have tasted the sour juice of abandonment."

You can read the rest here or listen to it here.

Update:Sept 11, 2009: Adler sends Ignatieff another letter. Dear Michael.....


wilson said...

Iggy loves Iggy, and He is loyal to one person, himself.

Iggy's political judgement is as poor as Dion's,
like His signing of the coalition document instead of stopping the farce dead in it's tracks.
BIG mistake.

But worse, we have seen repeated signs of lack of loyalty from Iggy.

He ratted out Chan
'Chan approached me for work, I didn't poach him'
(PMSH would never have told, he would have taken the punch)

He mounted 2 coup's on fellow Liberals,
on a duly elected Liberal leader (he lost to Dion),
and on his (supposed) best friend, Rae.
He was not afraid of burning both those bridges.

But under all that huff and puff, Iggy is afraid of PMSH.

Iggy knows he can fake out those close to him, chew them up and spit them out,
but Iggy will NEVER be able to to do the same to PMSH.

PMSH can see right thru Him, and Iggy is afraid.

Iggy has no idea what's going to be coming at him because he's been in Canada and politics 3 short years.
But with 20+ years in Canadian politics, PMSH knows.

Anonymous said...

Friends, acquaintances, organizations, causes, universities, countries and now coalition partners.

He forgot wives.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to when the puck gets dropped on the next election, Harper will lure Iggy boy into the corner, get him to drop the gloves, and it will only be a matter of seconds before Iggy has his Liberal jersey pulled over his head, and our hero, Captain Harper is just a whaling on him! Referee Travers and his Linesman Martin and Simpson will be beating Harper with the discarded hockey sticks, screaming “leave our iggy alone!!” all with no effect. Meanwhile, up in the broadcast booth, the conversation will go something like this: “ Oh my gawd!, For the love of liberal atheistic heathenism, Somebody do something, our poor Iggy is getting lumped and getting lumped badly! Someone get Obama on the phone and tell him to send the U.S. Calvary, a fellow citzen is being vanquished".
But, it'll all be to late for any kind of rescue. When they haul poor, unfortunate Iggy off the ice on the stretcher, you won't be able to see the red "L" on his jersey, and it won’t be hard too tell why.
He'll soon become Harper's lib leader hat trick and that's when he'll taste his own sour juice's. Sour for him and his fellow libs, but oh so sweet for the rest of us true Canadians.

Blame Crash

Babylonian777 said...

LMAO @ the previous comment, a bit over the top, but very fun. lol.

Ardvark said...

Iggy may have been following British cricket more closely than he was the NHL for the last couple of decades, so I doubt such a match up would occur, but if it did I agree that the PM would easily take him.

This applies of course to both on, and off, the ice.

Somebody needs to stand up to that Ignatieff! =)

wilson said...

First post budget poll is out, looks good.
Cons 38, Libs 29
and Iggy is not a hit, PMSH has Canadians confidence.


wilson said...

I hope this works, if not go to

if not go to

Anonymous said...

We will not hear anything about this poll - only the Quebec poll with iggy ahead. Graham Richardson ran that poll in the grave - but a poll with the Tories ahead - we never hear about it in the MSM