Friday, January 16, 2009

The Lib Blogs are revolting.

Well at least some of them are.

Cherniak may have stopped blogging, but his touch lives on.


Jen said...

AA, what's new.
Now what do you think the liberals would have done in crisis like this.

Firstthey have to do a lot of personal bail outs and not the country's.
They have to bail out of their debt as well as their personal media for been 'good to their word in keeping the liberals boondoggles, corruption thievery monies notyet returned tothe public, in the back burner.

Jen said...

AA, Charest the only premier among others to deny acceptance to any changes to the EQUALIZATION FORMULA but to continue recieving the full amount.
Seems to me AA, CHAREST is no more interested in the rest of canada far less to Alberta that has supported that province and for what.
If Quebec CHAREST, DOES NOT WANT TO REALIZE the situation we all face to not accept less. I say-FORGET QUEBEC.
They have recieved billions of dollars not only from the federal government but from Alberta alone.
We are Albertans, and if we have to add up right now the Billions of dollars we give Quebec alone; then send it to 'la presse to headline it in their newspapers, I am sure many Quebecers might feel upset that they were con by their government into thinking, that not a single dime from ALBRTA was ever sent into their province.
Why do you think CHAREST never sent us a THANK YOU CARD.

maryT said...

Anyone who has ever done an online AR poll knows that one can't leave a question unanswered.
Therefore one probably checks off No Change, for an answer.
Funny how Far/Wide notes that conservative support is up in the west, as expected, but does not use the same terms when lib support is up in Toronto.
I would like to see a poll/riding to see if increased support could mean seat changes.
Where is lizzie lately, Green support is going down all over.

Jen said...

Mary T, did you hear what Michael Ignatieff said to the HALIFAXANS? He told them that he like the idea of tax-cuts to middle incomers; then he to say to Quebecers that he does not like the tax-cuts to middle-class incomers.
But wait! Ignatieff like all liberals, like to say "I never said those words, I was mis-quoted, mis-interpreted, mis-understood mis-printed, mis-anything. And guess what, the MSM will go to work in full force to recorrect the tapes, their newspaper article.
Look, Mary, Quebec does not like alberta's dirty oil -the very hand that pours billions into Quebec. And most likely Ignatieff does not like it either since his new friends don't.
Then he comes to Alberta and he praises the dirty oil sands because had not been for the dirty oil the liberal party and Quebecers would not see a red cent.
You see what I am saying.

Jen said...

Did you Rex Murphy colums "BOONDOGGLES AND BAIL-OUTS

AT first the headline caught my attention assuming before ready the transcript that he, Rex has finally seen the light into the liberals sponsorship- into the liberals "BOONDOGGLE AND BAIL-OUTS" and tired of keeping quiet for so many years Rex finally has had enough of the pretence to finally devulge the liberals secret and personal "BOONDOGGLE AND BAIL-OUTS."

Unfortunately it was not meant to be, Rex was refering to the conservatives.
Apparently, he cannot bring himself to point his finger at the liberal party.

Soccermom said...

I go to your link and I see "Obama's Biggest Challenge - Saving Planet Earth" and he only has 4 years to do it!

OMG, these people are completely insane. I mean, I already knew they were, but they are more nuts than I thought.

Soccermom said...

Yeah, they're 'revolting', alright. As in disgusting.

Ardvark said...

Iggy and the Liberals are trying to please everyone and in the end will please no one.

If many of the most ardent and partisan Liberals from the Lib Blogs are jumping ship what does that say about their potential future?

Sorry for not replying sooner but blogging takes second place to family, unless there is an election call >=)

Jen said...

Read the article from the TEHRAN TIMES.

Iran knows the life and work of OBAMA more so than the American people.