Friday, November 20, 2009

Don Newman missed us.

I guess Don Newman misses taking shots at the conservatives on the Braaaaaawdcast.

Take your BP meds and have a read: Stephen Harper and the politics of suspicion.

Your tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen.


Justin Hoffer said...

Wow... wow... wow... Anyone up for a national tax protest? And by that, I do mean not paying our taxes in order to put a stop to the CBC throat slitting of anything and everything conservative.

No one should be surprised when I say the Communist Broadcasting Corp. reminds me of Germany in the 1930s.

wilson said...

LOL, but I thought the Coalition of Losers united because Harper wouldn't save Canada with $30B in stimulus pork?

''...Then, after failing to win a majority in 2008, the Conservatives launched the plan to effectively cancel public funding for federal parties and, in the process, bankrupt their competitors.

That manoeuvre almost cost the Conservatives the government. But did they learn from that experience?...''

All of the old Liberal worn outs are moaning about 'the way things were'.

Sorry Don Newman,
kiss that Senate seat good-bye,
and get over it!

wilson said...


CanadianSense said...

Did anyone expect the CBC and the Liberals to go away quietly?

The left are fighting for their survival and things will only get worse as times are becoming desperate.

Some are waking up to the realization of the Liberals being reduced to 40 seats again in the next Blue Wave.

Jen said...

For the Indian press to plaster the canadian press tells you how far the 'stench' of the canadian liberals media has reach.

Justin , any media that supports a party loaded in cortuption, thievery and support for terrorist groups are most definetely one hundred percent not canada's media but liberals and liberals alone.
And since canada has no other other national media like FOX, the Blogs are the new media center.We are the FOX CHANNEL-We inform what was denied hidden from the public for the past liberal years in governments.

Wilson: you are correct no matter what the prime minister does for the country in his way the opposition parties and their media railed on him, accusing him of all sorts of things.

When OBAMA asked the prime minister to take in some of the taliban detainees and he said no- well, the OPPOSITION PARTIES railed on him.

Anonymous said...

Newman is just carrying on the long standing tradition of bashing the west.