Monday, November 30, 2009

Torture. Texas Hold 'em Style.

If this was Texas hold 'em I think a 3 Generals with Red Cross high would easily beat the Liberal hand of a single Colvin.

Time to fold Liberals.

- Colvin visited the first prison on May 16, 2006
- ICRC rated the prisons as "not that bad", "not the worst in Afghanistan", inmates were " reasonably good condition", and received "enough food"
- Colvin only sent 3 emails in 2006
- Only one in the first three months of 2007
- Vast majority written about the same time the Globe and Mail was breaking the story on the abuses in the Afghanistan story
- Colvin only spent a day and a half outside the wire
- Prisoners were not simple farmers etc, they were all tested for gun shot residue, or were caught with large amounts of Pakistani cash

ht Right as Rain.


Ardvark said...

With a David Mulroney coming on the flop things are even worse for the Libs.

Jen said...

The more I hear the liberals the more I realize that they are unfit to run this great nation Their pathetic useless good-for- nothing media, adds more fuel to the fire. These people are a disgrace to our country.
The BLOC and NDP also contributed their share of insults.

CanadianSense said...

The LPOC are clearly not playing with a "Full Deck".

Anonymous said...

Iggy must be the joker.

Sammy said...

Interesting to read the blonde bimbo (and newest cbc stooge) O'Malley slamming Blatchford and the 'leaked' e-mails.Is the rookie reporter a little green with envy,that someone with more talent and credibility in her pinkie finger is getting the real goods? Honestly,Kady has really drunk the cbc koolaid and is fast losing any perception of fair and balanced reporting.

Jen said...

Ask LPOC, who do you support the most-the taliban rights or their taliban's victims rights? And the answer is-you guessed it- the taliban rights.
Women been burnt, stoned, beheaded etc- are not worth the opposittion parties and their liberal national media, outrage.
The taliban are fully aware of those who stand by them.

How about KADY finds herself in the battle field where bullets fly; I guess it is safer at CBC to about and pass comment on military combatment against taliban of which she has no clue of/about.

Agent Smith said...

'Iggy must be the joker.'

Either that or the two of clubs. Iggy is also the true short stack in every sense of the phrase.

jad said...

Great breakdown of the Colvin emails, AA.

FYI here are a few more articles of interest:

Blatchford explains the difference between a Richard Colvin and a whistle-blower here .

Rosie di Manno adds her take on Afghan prisoners here .

And the Red Cross chips in with their opinion of people who deal in these kind of rumours here .

wilson said...

Harper-hater (converts from the LibLuvin) media,
are still in search of that silver bullet to kill the evil Harper.
Veteran journalists, such as Travers, are leading the charge.

The Harper-haters explode on the negative , do as much damage as possible,
and then ignore the always inevitable reversal,
when the real story breaks.
That's the age old media 'we can make you or break you' mentality.

Example is the poor little maybe imposter Suad or Suaad, what ever her real name is.

Then we have the H1N1 (brought to you by Bodybag Bob) panic.
Of course Canada now being in a SURPLUS position of vaccine,
barely get any ink,
except from Coyne

wilson said...

And some good news about Canadians being in Afghanistan.
Let's see how much ink this story gets.

maryT said...

QP is all about this topic. Libs trying to really make hay but they are making the end result of hay.

Philanthropist said...

Liberals stacked the public service with Liberals during the corrupt Chretien years, it's about time the government cleaned house.

CanadianSense said...

LPOC are in damage control mode with the CBC giving them free air time to respond to the bitch slap from Harper.

It is pathetic to see them defend their smears and accusations. Colvin claimed innocent farmers were rounded up. The deniers have their agenda. The Liberals, NDP, Bloc did they support extending the mission?

or did twelve Liberals break rank to extend the mission per Manley Report?

Sammy said...

More 'cover' for Iggy at the cbc! read the James Fat-Morris piece on Iggy ranking 64th in the world 'thinkers''s a lovely puff piece,BUT then go and read Taber's column on same item.Convenient,that the cbc neglects to mention (directly from the 'thinkers' piece that Taber includes in her column) is this gem..and oh so timely: " it also notes,his (Iggy's) writing on the sometime necessity of violence,coercion,secrecy,deception,EVEN VIOLATION OF RIGHTS to fight terrorism,has made him a singular voice among Canadian liberals"
Why isn't the msm screaming this from the rooftops?? Oh,forgot..he's a Liberal..silly me.

Jen said...

And some good news about Canadians being in Afghanistan.Let's see how much ink this story gets.

Wilson, to the media, this is bad news. What the taliban did to the innocents that apparently is 'good news.
And anyone who touches their taliban, face the media's rage.

L said...

Now that Colvin is exposed as a prolific left-wing story-embellisher who actually hates Iggy's ideas even more than Harper's, I wonder what panicgate will emerge next week for CBC/CTV to report upon in the final acts of fake outrage for the year. I guess it will be Kyotogate, as most people have had no media reports about Climategate, so still remain deluded about drowning polar bears and lack of snow, even as they shovel it.

A Christmas prayer:

God rest ye merry socialists,
Let nothing you dismay,
Remember that Canadians
Are right to have their say;
To save us all from Liebral power
Since we have gone astray.
O oh, tidings of comfort and joy!

Best of the season to PM Harper, our hard-working Ministers, all of the responsible public servants and our men and women serving overseas.

maryT said...

I wonder what the ctv/cbc/global would think if we accused them of torture. What they put out as facts is real torture for their viewers.
And they do it 24/7 365 days a year.

Rich said...

I listened with great interest to the debate on the afghan detainee issue, where the opposition is pushing for a expensive public enquiry. as one Canadian I hope that the Conservative government does not go down that road: Our Canadian Forces will be in jeopardy if sensitive information should come out.

The following link to a article written by Licia Corbella in the National Post of Tuesday December 1,2009 demonstrates this quite eloquently.