Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 01, 2008. Happy Anniversary you Coalition fans.

It was exactly 1 year ago, December 1st 2008 when perhaps the most divisive move in the history of Canadian politics took place as Stephane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, and Jack Layton signed the coalition agreements.

A coalition that if it would have come to take the reigns of power in Canada would have caused a "permanent division"* in Canadian society.

*Michael Ignatieff June 30, 2009.

Has there been anything that Ignatieff has not changed his position on?


Patsplace said...

It's hard to say what that might have done. I've heard many people claim that they would have taken up arms against it.

Mind you, talk is pretty cheap until the bullets start to fly.

L said...

Arms, yes, it could have well come to that. The Three Stooges of Montreal were not going to steal our new western-friendly government without a major war! Let there be no misunderstanding about that! Ask some Rider, Flames or Canuck fans what might have been. I am just a coastal grandmother, but was out there for the anti-coalition demo. My granny friends in Ontario outside the 416 belt were even more livid.

Marx-A-Million said...

We will see how happy you are when your house is buried under a mile of ice an snow in 2020! Dion's green shift was the only chance we had at preventing Climate Armageddon! Shame on you for celebrating the failure of our only hope...



L said...

Marx, do take your broken hockey stick and run along home. You should watch something other than the weather channel.

Bec said...

Shouldn't THAT be called Global Cooling?
Just sayin'....

Kool-aid alert!

CanadianSense said...

It is too bad the global alarmists bought the scam hook line and sinker!

Our polar bears population has increased, we need more Co2.

We should send those alarmists up north to confirm the Polar Bear population.

We should also send the opposition MP's to interview those farmers and truckers outside the wire.

That would be taxpayers money well spent.

Dion was tougher than MI and had taken some decisions he did not back down from when he was a leader. MI has been our best cheerleader, only once did he get cranky enough to vote non-confidence.

Let's hope he tries again.

Blame Crash said...

I got a chuckle when iffy said: "is the duly elected leader of the party, Mr. Stephane Dion"

That's right Iffy, he was "duly elected", and you were "duly rejected". So tell us again on how it is that you’re now the leader of this Party without ever being “duly elected”.

The only way this puppet will become Prime Minister is if his puppeteers are able to subvert democracy through another coup. And if you think that these creeps are not setting the stage and searching for an opportunity to pull it all off, you’d be wrong.

Calgary Junkie said...

It's going to be fun watching our tv ads during the next general election. The pics of Jack and Gilles looking lovingly at each other should play well in B.C.

And then there is the tape we have of Jack telling his caucus that the Coalition is a done deal, and was in the works long ago.

I think it was Stephen Taylor who pointed out that we have only released 25 % of that tape. Hmmmmm, I wonder what is on the other 75 % that will hang Jack with his own words ?

Of course the media is going to emphasize the skullduggery around how that tape was obtained. And we will counter with how the media had no such misgivings about how the "sexy" tape of Lisa Raitt was obtained. Fun, fun, fun.

Jen said...

The national media are the liberals personal army, military; to stand on guard and protect them from us.They are the liberals' gate keepers, to keep innocent canadians from entering into their entitlements. The top general of these gate keepers is MANSBRIGE from the general's headquaters CBC.

'The Three Stooges of Montreal were not going to steal our new western-friendly government without a major war! Let there be no misunderstanding about that!'

Right on L.

wilson said...

The Coalition of Losers, though it only lived for 10 short days,
woke Canadians up to the lengths to which the Liberals would go to get back into power.
It was frightening and awesome, all at the same time.

The National media have been played like a fiddle by the Harper govt....just think about it for a moment.
Our Harper-hating media overplays ever thing Conservative,
and it hasn't hurt a bit.

wilson said...

'We will see how happy you are when your house is buried under a mile of ice an snow in 2020'

Obviously Marx has never lived on the Prairies,
where 8 foot high snow drifts are an annual event.

I look forward to a longer growing season in Canada, if there is any truth to the warming thing.

In fact, we could feed millions more people if we had the same 2 season growing period experienced by countries that have very little land to till.

Ardvark said...

I just want to know when exactly did Ignatieff change his mind on the coalition. He talks now like he was NEVER in favour of it but we know that he was.

When did he change his mind? Dec 2008, Jan 2009, Feb, Mar, Apr?

Single Malt Scotch said...

At rabble.ca in their public forum Babble section there are some interesting Globe and Mail interviews/reports from the Dippers Brian Topp. It provides some interesting thoughts as to the true reasoning and timing of this coalition travesty. It was all about the voter subsidy and nothing about governance. More ammunition for the Conservative campaign team come next election. Beautiful is all I have to say.

Jen said...

AA, when interviewed by Kevin Newman on Global national on the subject of coalition and whether Ignatieff supports it. Ignatieff responded that he honours his signature on the Coalition agreement.
Which means, Duceppe and Layton can hold him to his words plus they can hold the entire liberal party as well.
In other words, the liberals will have no say to any ISSUE without the consent of the their coalition partners.
The Coalition is very much alive -just on hold for the time being.

maryT said...

If the coalition was in the works pre election (which I believe it was) why did Layton not go after Dion's job instead of PMSHs.
What ever happened to the H1N1 crisis, how many native children have died, to use those body bags.

Ardvark said...

Single Malt, Ignatieff said the same thing himself Sept 10th in a press conference. He was asked about the subsidies and he said 'that is what caused the crisis in the first place'.

Jen, that is one piece of news footage I would love to get my hands on. Does anyone have a friend at Global?