Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ouch. The assassination photo really must have hit a nerve.

I have always maintained that you can tell the amount of damage done with any political story by the level and quality of spin used to counteract the story.

The assassination photo fiasco must have done the Liberals some serious hurt as all of the big guns were out trying to spin this one away, including someone we have not heard much from lately; Jason Cherniak, who offers up some old school spin with some attempted distraction away from the photo scandal by playing the antisemitic card.

Classic Cherniak! We miss you Jason, the current Liberal Crisis Firebrigade of Ted and Gayle just don't have that same over the top style.

Seriously, watching the Liberals spin away at this is extremely entertaining.

Mea culpa: The one aspect of politics that I find the most fascinating is spin. I love it; theirs, ours, it doesn't really matter where it comes from as I find all interesting. Too bad for them that not all spin is of the same calibre and on this one they are off target.


Marx-A-Million said...

What was wrong with the photo contest? In fact, we are going ahead with even more contests!

gimbol said...

As long as Gilligan remains in charge of LPC war room black ops you can expect much more spin and apologies from the liberal peanut gallery.


Heard any updates on the unofficial liberal leadership race?

gimbol said...

Just one more thought.

As long as the bright light that came up with this albatross of an idea is still present in the liberal war room it allows two things to happen.

-1- More liberal missteps in the future.

-2- Legitimizes any future conservative attack ad.

The last thing I want to see happen is the author of this photoshop contest to be thrown under the bus. They can do more damage to the LPC than the mole ever could.

CanadianSense said...

Have you noticed a thinning of the ranks from Lib blogs?

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

*THIS* from the gun control supporters?

*THIS* from the group that refused to participate in a pan-Parliament, non-partisan commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of innocent women? "Because," they claimed, "the gathering included Conservative Party female MP's. And we all know just how phony Conservatives are about guns. . ." ??


t.e.& o.e.

Anonymous said...

T J adds:

*THIS* from the pseudo-sensitive ones, mere days after the Montreal Massacre Commemorations, and mere days before the anniversary of the Boxing Day Slaughter of the Innocent in downtown Toronto, in broad daylight??

t. e. & o. e.

R. G. Harvie said...


So I have this idea for a new photoshop.. we line up all of the female Liberal MP's in front of L'Ecole Polytechnic, and we have Michael Ignatieff mowing them down with an AK47.


And then we say, "oops".

maryT said...

New polls out today, showing the libs up a bit, but PMSH is still leading.
The problem with the spin from this evidence iggy is gaining, is what will happen with the next one, after the photo goof brings them way down again.
OT, but the Phillipines is ordering thousands to move as a volcano is about to erupt. Will lizzie try to stop all that co2, ash, and whatever from happening. It will undo any reductions of the past several years.
Will all those protesters come to Canada to freeze during the G7.
Canada will not sign away our future tomorrow. Are the liberals getting any flack for not doing anything re Kyoto, that is the talk in Denmark.
I agree, don't out the culprit, see what other mischief he/she will do to harm the liberals. I wish him luck.

maryT said...

Just read a report on Colvin's reply to his detractors. In it he says,
-In our one-page memo, we suggested that Canada should negotiate a new detainee (memorandum of understanding) and try to reduce the number of detainees taken, says Colvin's letter.
How do you reduce detainees, unless you kill them. Or you could say, please, pretty please with sugar on it, stop killing our troops, stop planting landmines.
So, does he think we should kill any prisoners, sort of follows the assassination photo.
Mr. Mulroney rejected his request within hours. Guess he didn't like the alternative of taking prisoners.
How's that for spin.

Anonymous said...

The assassination photo could be a sicko subliminal message from a Liberal sympathizer.

wilson said...

The ONLY reason the LPC has quit sliding in the polls is because Donolo has Iffy hiding under a rock, leaving the media to carry their water.
Iffy's numbers remain in the toilet.

As soon as Iffy comes out with his dancing eyebrows and lizard tongue speaking with that American accent, down again they goes.

Ardvark said...

That is why Ignatieff won't apologize for the contest. He is waiting for Donolo to give him permission.

Iggy no longer runs the show over there and is just a figure head.

Rob, excellent example. I wonder if the media would "accept" a half hearted apology for that one as they did with the assassin pic?

CanadianSense said...

After the latest round of house cleaning, and exits from Rossi MI is left to seek advice from his wife (communications background).

Who is left on deck?

Anyone defending the Liberal strategy in 2009 of blaming the CPC for everything and hoping the voters would turn on the government?

PD has already said, we are only doing half our job, we actually need to give the voters a reason to vote for us.

The entire year was spent in rabid attack mode with scandal of the month from the media/opposition.

The Result is the LPOC took a massive hit best PM score and both Harper and Layton have improved.

Jen said...

Imagine that, the liberals known for not doing any work but for themselves manage to move up in the polls with the help of of their beloved media.

"Yippee the liberals move a notch and what did you do to gain that notch?
Nothing, we liberals don't work we have our media footsoldiers to do the job while we flourish with the canadian public's purse. OH TABER, where are you, we have new no news to tell you, make sure that you don't embrass us"

maryT said...

Just got a call from a telemarketer for something, and I said, sorry, this company advertizes on the cbc, who think pics of assassinating our PM is ok.
Or, it said the call could be monitored, hope it was.