Tuesday, December 08, 2009

That is mighty neighbourly of you Henry.

Henry Aubin writes today in the Montreal Gazette about how Quebec has decided to make big 'sacrifices' by reducing their GHG emissions by 20% from 1990 levels. WTG Quebec, that is mighty big of you, but wait....

Henry thinks that because Quebec has decided on its own to make these 'sacrifices' that everyone else, particularly Alberta, should also do the same because, well because Quebec did. That is like saying that because you have now chosen to stop eating meat that every one else must now do the same. Nice logic Henry but let me say on behalf of "greedy" Alberta, you know that province that sends money to Ottawa so it can be redirected to Quebec to lower your taxes and pay for all the stuff that you cannot afford, BITE ME!

One last thing on this quote: "To claim, as some skeptics do, that a few climate-change scientists' dishonesty invalidates the idea of human-caused global warming is as silly as to suggest that the Bernard Madoffs and Vincent Lacroixes of this world delegitimize capitalism." If he means that there were criminal acts and fraud committed than I guess the comparison may be valid, but somehow I don't think that is what Henry meant.


langmann said...

I have a better way for Henry to look at it.

BY making his sacrifices on behalf of Alberta, they'll finally be paying back Alberta for all those years of transfer payments they benefited from.

As to his willingness to benefit less, I would love to see the day when Quebekers were willing to sacrifice any of their sacred social programs we've been paying for.

Jen said...

on behalf of "greedy" Alberta, you know that province that sends money to Ottawa so it can be redirected to Quebec to lower your taxes and pay for all the stuff that you cannot afford, BITE ME!

We Albertans can't afford a daycare like Quebec's
How many quebecers know that they are paying for the daycare with help from the 'dirty oil sands'
They pay $7 per child while the quebec government pays the rest per child which amounts to 40 odd dollars per child. in total it cost close to 50 dollars per child to attend a daycare which quebec cannot afford.

BTW, ALBERTA has the best environment system in the whole of canada.

Ardvark said...

$7/day daycare. I wonder how many would be willing to give that one up.

Rich said...

AA must read comments from Brad Wall Premier of Saskatchewan in the Financial Post.

Don’t blame the West
Saskatchewan is a leader in carbon-capture technology in North America
Financial Post
Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Two salient points that I would like to high light are as follows:

Q A recent report, funded by TD Bank and prepared by environmental groups the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute, said the cost of cutting greenhouse gases by 20% in 10 years should be borne through lower economic growth in the three western-most provinces. You have criticized this. Why?
A. Our utility company [Saskatchewan Power] is facing a huge challenge because of its dependence on coal, which is about 50%. Saskatchewan has 3% of the population of Canada, 3% of the economic output and 9% of emissions.

The report by TD, Pembina and Suzuki is frustrating and I’m not sure how helpful this will be. It is divisive and says here it is and here’s what you will pay. It plays into unity issues and its East versus West, which is not helpful.

Alberta was the first to impose a carbon tax, followed by B.C. Alberta has budgeted $2-billion toward carbon-capture technology research and development to reduce emissions, and Saskatchewan has allocated $1.5-billion for the same purpose, involving two major projects. A province of one million people [in Saskatchewan] is already prepared to spend $1.5-billion — work out the per-capita investment [$1,500 per person]. So tell me who is going to do more?

Q What should Canada do in Copenhagen?

A I think the federal government has it right and [Environment Minister Jim] Prentice has travelled across the country and found 13 points of consensus…….
Read on.

Rich said...

COP 15 another money grab by third world nations.


wilson said...

The part that gets me about the victimization of Quebec, seen thru Quebecers eyes,
is they keep electing separatists!

If yah want out of Canada, quit taking our money and telling the rest of us what to do.

If what yah really want is to shut down the oilsands, then elect Dippers instead of separatists.

Oh, and about those death mines, how about shutting down your asbestos mines!!!
You are killing more Canadians than global warming EVER will.

Anonymous said...

It is crap like this that reinforces my desire for a Canada wide referendum (without quebec they don't want to be Canadian anyway) as to their future within confederation. I would vote the ungrateful bastards off the island.

Rob C

maryT said...

If AB shut down the oilsands, where would Qubec get money to make such sacrifices.
We need someone to tell Quebec how their standard of living would go back to the 7th century without our money.
I vote them off the island also.

tibi said...

Quebec is depopulating, from low birth rate, lack of immigrants and outward migration. The population is ageing which will increase pressure on taxpayers and make it an even less attractive place to invest. Hardly a model for anyone to follow.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, Quebec is committing economic(like they ever had a real economy) suicide or figuratively speaking jumping off a bridge and expect us to follow?
Must be that I'm not french but I don't see the attraction to following Quebec into abject poverty for a crisis that never existed in the first place.
Ah well the french have a love affair with failed policies so let them separate if we shame them so badly. C'est la vie suckers.

Blame Crash said...

Re: Seven buck a day daycare.

You get what you pay for. The true cost would be your offspring being brain washed into the same "gimme gimme" ideology that has poisioned a large sector of Quebec society.

It doesn't look like much of a deal to me.

Jen said...

maryT said...
If AB shut down the oilsands, where would Qubec get money to make such sacrifices.

that's easy MaryT, from ABC-DANNY WILLIAMS. He has tons of dough and I am sure he would not mind giving Quebec money as a friendly guesture for helping him vote against the Conservatives.

Alberta can move out but Quebec can't; they need money to live off.

Single Malt Scotch said...

I too vote Quebec off of the island. One little point they often forget. The huge James Bay hydro project will release more CO2over it's lifetime from the hundreds of thousands of flooded acres of swamp and forest than the oilsands will ever emit. That would be manmade CO2 would it not?

Anonymous said...

First of all subsidized day care in Quebec is far from universal. The spaces go to the swift and the yuppies who can afford to apply at several daycares and wait. The single poor mom without a car this is supposed to help usually applies too late at a couple of places.

Quebec has abundant hydro power and is in the process of buying New Brunswick's Electricity Company so it will easily be able to look green by relying on this clean energy and by shutting down some coal-fired plants in New Brunswick.

maryT said...

Any AB money used for this purchase, do we get a commission.

Jen said...

maryT said...
Any AB money used for this purchase, do we get a commission.

A very good question.

When provinces begins to smell a rat of quebec and their 'poverty' card yet are building hydro etc, and selling (electricity) to their people at a cheap price, tells me that quebec is very capable of looking after themselves without begging from other provinces.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should vote Quebec off the island. I say they should stay on the island and the rest of us can vote ourselves off. And I further propose that Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C. be the first to vote ourselves off.

Single Malt Scotch said...

P.L. I like your thinking. As soon as one of these three move the rest will follow and I'm certain that the three territories will not want to be left behind. Manitoba will most like want in.

Bring it on.

CanadianSense said...

Are we are being asked by a have not province to cripple our Fossil resources (Oil sands in AB, Offshore in NFLD) because QC politicians have mastered to how to gain benefits from our federation.

In a few years the balance of power will have shifted with only 75 seats and a shrinking population in QC.

Ontario-West will be the new power couple in the federation. (23 ON, 15 BC, AB)

Rich said...

"The spinning from the climate industry in the wake of Climategate has been as fascinating as the incriminating emails themselves.

One demand being peddled by the powers-that-warm in Copenhagen and elsewhere is that we should all concentrate not on the damning emails, but on who was responsible for their "theft," which had to be carried out for money, which in turn obviously came from the fossil fuel industry........Read on


maryT said...

Considering how much money has been given to the warming fanatics by the oil industry, that stmt is rather strange.
And, isn't the whole cap and trade about money.