Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ignatieff agrees

Michael Ignatieff Agrees. He agrees with George W Bush on the Iraq war and 'enhanced interogation', and he agrees with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao that 5 years was too long of a period between visits of a Canadian PM to China. Ignatieff agrees with just about everyone who is not Canadian it seems.

Speaking in Ottawa, Ignatieff said Harper’s public rebuke from the Chinese leadership “is going to cost Canadian jobs.”

“This is the most important relationship for the economic future of the country, the most important, and for four years this government put this relationship in the deep freeze,” Ignatieff said.

“Mr. Harper ... lost face today, and in that culture losing face is very important,” he said.

Way to stand up for your country Iggy, you continue to impress. (not)

Perhaps Ignatieff is upset that the PM did not take the time out of his busy schedule to visit everyone's favorite Liberal and fugitive from justice, Maurice Strong, while he was there.

Some facts: Canada was granted approved destination status, something the Liberals were unable to get under 12 years of rule, and many visits.

In 2007, two-way trade between the two countries was up 13 per cent. In 2008, two-way trade was up 11 per cent. In the first six months of this year, two-way trade is up by about 3 per cent -- despite a recession.

Also on this trip a deal has been struck to sell Canadian agricultural products to the Chinese market and a new Chinese consulate will be built in Montreal in the future.

Well Mr. Ignatieff, I guess it is better for the PM to 'lose face', stick to his views on human rights, and get results like these, then it is to be 2 faced like a certain leader of the opposition that I know.


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken wasn't Cretin a salesman for Power Corporation when he went there as PM? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest?

wilson said...

'' Canada was granted approved destination status, something the Liberals were unable to get under 12 years of rule, and many visits.''

That's a huge win and will generate millions in tourism and Chinese attending school in Canada.

Chretien visited China 16 times, and didn't win destination status for Canada.

note to Donolo....
this isn't 1993,
1. bloggers will unwind your spin faster than you can say 'Iffy is a door knob'.
2. few listen to Iffy any more, he has no stroke, not even with his own party.

Jim said...

You know, it was bad enough when the Libs tried to manufacture scandal of the day...But now that they want to label the country as war criminals, tread on our military and turn a blind eye towards Harper's stand on human rights while accusing him of being laggard towards the relationship with China...I have blood in my eyes towards the party that works in earnest to destroy our country, her institutions and our position in the world.

Damn them!

Who hates Canada?

I think it is pretty clear.

Ardvark said...

The Liberals care about nothing else but getting back into power and will smear anyone and anything to do so.

Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberals like Chretien make lots of money from corrupt communists in China. That's understandable, we know Liberals don't really care about human rights after all, but it is insulting when they lecture anyone else about what is right.

Bert said...

OK, Iffy. Why the hell isn't anyone berating the Chinese Premier for not visiting Canad in the last 5 years ?.

What an a$$.

Jen said...

Paul Martin did not go to China.
Paul Martin took $161 million for his shipping company. Not a word from general mansbridge from -CBC.the general's headquarters.

Alberta has been doing business with China for many years and soon China will buy oil from the OIL SANDS. Alberta for many years have a 'trading desk' at the canadian embassy in CHINA since 1999.

There is 'one party in the HOC that stands by; speak for our troops and that my friend is most definetly are not: LPOC, NDP, BLOC. Which leaves, the conervatives.
Forget about the useless national medias; they are too busy helping and siding with the opposition parties-protecting the detainees from our troops.

jad said...

To be accurate, the trade figures are a bit misleading. True, our trade with China has increased over the last three years, but our share of China's overall trade has actually dropped, so there have clearly been some missed opportunities.

However, the consulate in Montreal, the multitude of trade offices in China, the plethora of agreements overall, these are all very good signs moving forward, not to mention ADS, which is huge.

All this makes Ignatieff's comments look particularly stupid, and (agreeing for once with Coyne) extremely classless.

maryT said...

Canadians will not lose jobs, but gain jobs after this visit. How long has SH been PM, it sure isn't five years so why not assume that slap in the face was also on Paul Martin. Why didn't he go to China.
Bison said that the liberals had worked for years on destination and the deal was ready to be signed. So, the conservatives have just taken over. Yikes, have libs no shame.
Perhaps it is time for another iggy stmt, we didn't get it done.

Rich said...

Ignatieff, failed to mention that at the time of the Prime Minister visit to China, China agreed to lift the ban of Canadian Pork into China which is going to be a huge boost the Canada's pork industry. He also neglected to mention that China is investing millions of dollars in the Alberta Oil Sands; which indicates that they are willing to buy Alberta Oil. So let Barrack Hussein Obama stop the import of Alberta Oil, we can get the world oil price from China.

Next Ignatieff failed to mentioned
That Canada has been granted special destination status which will turn into a 100 million dollars a year for Canada's tourist industry.

I guess being Liberal means you can cherry pick on things like and omit things you don't like.

maryT said...

16 visits and trade missios to China by JC, none by Paul Martin, and no return visit by the Chinese during that time. PMSH goes, ignores uncle Mo and gets things done.