Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bizzaro Copenhagen

Just a couple of things that happened at the summit in Copenhagen that leave me wondering.

How is it that Jack Layton, the guy rallying against the HST because the increase in taxes will harm families, can be in favour of the proposed fund of upwards of 200 billion dollars collected from the 'developed' countries (including about 30 billion from Canada) ? Wouldn't taking 30 billion dollars from Canadians and their families be a much greater burden than the HST would?

Was Al Gore trying to make sure that the "Gore effect" did not happen again when he called for the world leader to meet in Mexico in July rather than the proposed date in late fall? I mean what are the odds that it would snow in Mexico City in July?

Why did the PM get such a rough ride from the same media and lefty environmentalists who were falling all over themselves praising Obama? Hasn't the PM said on numerous occasions that our AGW policies would mirror those taken by the US? But in the press Obama = good and Harper = bad, even if they have the exact same goals for CO2 reductions.

Why is it that Canada who responsible for only 2% of the worlds total CO2 emissions gets all sorts of grief when China, currently responsible for 22% of those emissions, gets treated with kid gloves? Even more interesting is that in the last few years China has increased its emissions by about 10% a year, or in more simple terms they have increased their yearly output a total equal to our total output. Yup Canada is the problem. More fossil awards please.

And lastly where were Ignatieff and the Liberals? We know that if Dion was still leader he would have went to Copenhagen, so why didn't Ignatieff go?

Oh I almost forgot, what about the science?

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maryT said...

My question is, with Kyoto dead, will Dion rename his dog.

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton being against any tax is truly a bizarro event.

fernstalbert said...

Jack loves a worldwide tax on carbon, because it increases the power of third world dictators and thugs to continue their nefarious ways. Top down, capricious governance is a natural for the NDP. If its anti-west he's all for it. He believes in centalized world government - and the HST does nothing to further that goal. Cheers.

hunter said...

That was a very good scientific lecture that even us non-scientists can understand.

Ardvark said...

Check out this one.

Al Gore and Gordon Brown leading the way for all of us.............right into the wrong room.

Anonymous said...

The Climate activists are not dumb. They know they have a lot of influence in the Canadian MSM. Any stunt, fossil award, criticisms etc will be reported. Until Canadians and the MSM stop giving a crap what these people have to say, they will keep trying to influence policy this way.

Fossil awards for China or the US would not even register, but in Canada the MSM goes nuts.

robins111 said...

I want the next climate meeting held in China. Hopefully somewhere close to Tiniman sq.

Lets see how the enviro-loons like the cops over there.