Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Send in the Lawyers!

Speaking as one of those "plucky Canucks" I join with my progressive friends* in the hope that the lawyers and the courts finally do get to the truth of it all.

Send in the lawyers!

*assuming that my progressive friends, who are more than willing to launch inquiries into the dealings of past Prime Ministers and 3 year old allegations of torture that were NOT committed by Canadians nor cost us billions of dollars, would be interested in the truth on AGW.


Bec said...

Good catch, AA! Thanks for that. I send this stuff to my "American dad" and he sends it ALL OVER the world because after all, he pretty much knows

Have you been able to follow Roy Green this afternoon? Lord Monckton was on again and Roy has been doing a bang-up job on this file today.

Ardvark said...

I didn't catch it live today Bec but that is what makes the Audio Vault at QR77 and CHED etc a great resource.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, send in the all knowing all compassionate, ever morally pure Canadian lawyers!

Ambulances to chase, pedophiles to free, and now, terrorists to coddle. Busy busy busy.

fernstalbert said...

This crying for Taliban suspects is heartwarming and so typical of Canadian lefty compassion. They should petition the government to bring them "home" to Canada as refugees. Lets resettle them in downtown Toronto. Jack, Bob and Michael can supervise their activities and drive them back and forth to the grocery store and doctor appointments. We could gainfully employ these poor misunderstood freedom fighters by encourgageing them to practice their particular skill set by targeting City of Toronto garbage on its way to the US for disposal. Either that or give the Hells Angels a run for their money and produce heroin from start to finish in the green zones surrounding the big TO. Cheers.

Marx-A-Million said...

I am running a Stephen Harper Photoshop Contest for my fellow Liberal Bloggers.

Jen said...

First of all "THANK YOU ROY GREEN, THANK YOU for your kind words, we albertans do appreciate it. you are welcomed to Alberta at any time"

fernstalbert, I would rather see the OPPOSITION PARTIES AND THEIR MEDIAS:CBC,CTV GLOBAL,G/M, T/S,PPG,PP, ET., pack their bags and pick any airplane at Pearson Airport or take an immediate chartered jet to Afghanistan to stand by, protect, feed the taliban detainees and, when a bullet passes by them by an unknown terrorist they are not at any time what so ever call upon our soldiers to aide them or free them(medias) since the soldiers will be to busy saving lives who care for their freedom not those who want to give it away.