Monday, December 07, 2009

The Liberal Party. The Debbie Downers of Canadian Politics.

The Liberal Party of Canada is all negative all of the time and they have been that way since 2006 when they were tossed from power by the good people of Canada.

Pick an issue, any issue, and the Liberals are out in the press bad mouthing the governments handling of it. The last couple of weeks it was been torture, this week I suspect it will be the environment, and 3 weeks ago it was H1N1. They claim that Canadians abroad are embarrassed to be Canadian because we have a conservative government, the PM goes to China and gets many things accomplished and these same Liberals, who were screaming all about torture and human rights, are more willing to criticize the PM than they are the human rights record of China, and who can forget the Liberals new found concern for the traditions of the Catholic Church and the entirely made up FAKE wafergate fiasco. (BTW the LPC line is STILL that the PM did not eat the wafer)

It is not that the Liberals are just criticizing the government, they are fear mongering as well. Think H1N1 when Bob Rae stood up and said people are dying because of Canada's slow response, think back to last summer when Denis Coderre spoke about how people would die unless changes were made immediately to EI, and of course we also had Caroline Bennett with the body bags and using native children as political props for the Liberal cause.

While all the over the top fear mongering is laughable on its own, there is something else that reeks with this Liberal strategy. They are not just smearing the government with their negativity, they are also smearing thousands of other Canadians in the process.

Some recent examples:

H1N1, body bags and the smearing of thousands of health care professionals in every province who worked tirelessly in the planning and implementation of the vaccination process.

Olympic logos: By making the outrageous and totally false claims that the government has influenced the creation of our teams logo the Liberals have smeared all of the people who had a say in the design process. The COA, the Bay, and the athletes themselves who were involved with the decision all falsely being called conservative dupes in the hopes of increasing Liberal fortunes.

Torture: while they claim that they support the troops the Liberals end up smearing every Canadian who puts on a military uniform as well as the hundreds of government bureaucrats involved with our mission in Afghanistan. For those that do not quite get this I ask you to answer these questions. What is the ultimate goal of the Liberals in perusing this line and what are the desired results? How can seeing some of our men and women in uniform being hauled to trial for war crimes be considered supporting our troops?

The Olympic Torch: See 'Olympic logos' above and add on the hundreds of others involved with organizing the route to the smear total.

Stimulus money: 1000's of gov employees at all levels in every province and territory were involved with the decision making process and the Liberals smeared each and every one of them with their claims of mismanagement and favoritism.

There are plenty more examples but I think you get the idea.

The Liberal strategy is simple; if it is positive or good news they down play it or just ignore it, and if it is negative or bad news they run with it as far as they can and rarely if ever offer up suggestions as to how to improve things and they think nothing of running down the country or smearing countless ordinary Canadians who are just doing their jobs, if those efforts offer them some kind of perceived gain.

Maybe it is just me but this Debbie Downer attitude of fear mongering, running down the country, and smearing 1000's of Canadians may not be the very best way to get those dismal poll numbers up. But hey, feel free to keep up the negativity Liberals, it makes that 'positive' message that your leader talks about even more laughable and besides there are still a few people left in this country that you have not got around to smearing yet.

Keep up the good work, it looks good on you.


Bruce said...

And the MSM like the CBC, CTV and the Star gives them all the friendly coverage they need to get their foul messages out

maryT said...

There was a story at NNW yesterday that said, the H1N1 crisis over and the vaccination program should be stopped.
Anyone know how many bodybags were used or needed, where are the bodies of the starving children who died. Why are these questions never asked by Clark or Evan.
I would rather they be answered than what happened to a few terrorists.
Why is Rae in Cairo.

wilson said...

The Debbie Downers are the LibLuvin media themselves.
Their possessive mentality of the LPC has hurt the Libs....carry on media.

Notice how the LibLuvin media does not 'analyse' what the LPC does,
they 'instruct',
'advising' their party, making the LPC and every leader since Martin look weak.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget John Maccallum said a few days ago on Q/p in the HOC that this is canada conservative recession.
Ignatieff: "I have no intentions of weaing the recession on my shoulders"--I guess AA, only the ordinary folks and the conservatives are to wear the recession yet the liberals want the rewards.

I blame the CBC CTV and others like them and their useless reporters for endorsing, keeping the liberals scandal corruption from the public all those years. They are GOING TO GO DOWN WITH THE LIBERALS. FOR GOOD.

Don't forget about the EI scandal.

jad said...

Don't forget Dosanjh last week pleading for civil servants to break their oath and release confidential documents - any confidential documents, please ! - that might damage the government.

That was one of the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed, particularly coming from a former provincial Attorney-General, who should have known better. Even Evan Solomon seemed somewhat shocked.

I get the feeling that the Liberals are getting more and more desperate, to the point that any semblance of rationality or moderation has just gone out the window. But judging from the comments on the CTV site and some of the newspapers, people are not impressed with this kind of attack.

Jen said...

When BOB RAE said that people ask "where canada is"

Strange, many immigrants from foreign lands seem to find their way here just fine.

What BOB RAE meant, is that 'the liberals and their lousey (cbc ctv g/m t/s) don't know where canada is, they live on some soil call 'LIBERAL LAND' and we live in Canada.
No wonder he can't find CANADA where our troops live. They and their lousey medias have and still living "in a world of their own' but most definitly not on our beloved CANADA

CanadianSense said...

The LPOC are having serious anxiety problems. They have not broke 31% since Sept 10, 2009 Ekos Poll.

In almost every single metric from the Polls show the LPOC are heading into sub-Dion territory.

The flawed communications strategy is only going to get worse if the polling and funding does not improve in the fourth quarter.

MI was "recruited" to repair the finances and low polling results. What is the minimum figure of an financial improvement will 76 MP's tolerate?

Will MI be allowed to keep his job if he barely raises the bar?

Dec 31, 2009 - Deadline for liberal leadership candidates to pay their debts.( Except Dryden)


Jen said...

So far some liberals have not repaid their loans whiche they still owe EC.

Frankly speaking CS, I am not interested in the LPOC and their media, I have turned to other media style reporting where FIFE and others like him are not seen nor heard. And even I can't understand the language, the photos video speaks loudy-at times I would hear the prime minister speak so there you have it. I don't need the Tom CLARKS DALCOURT TABER OLIVER ETC to speak for me. I can hear and see for myself.

CanadianSense said...

I am watching QP and it looks like the Bloc are withdrawing their support of HST unless the CPC include the pay off for QC.

The Liberals are going to squeezed now this week big time.

L said...

No wonder Rae is in Cairo - away from both the HST and Copenhagen, trying not to wear the "mini" green plan or the HST himself (just as Iggy hid from the coalition).

Dosanjh knows that his seat is in peril and is probably desperately planning for his non-political career, maybe in international law, plus desperately trying to make an issue out of nothing to distract.

Any sensible diplomat with political know-how knows very well that whistle blowing on this tangential issue is a career-ending move (not the sword to die on), so Dosanjh will find no takers. Colvin was not completely objective (the number of cc's demonstrates this). Most know how to go through the right channels.