Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Quebec Wing

The Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Follow the money.

I guess that is why Denis did not want the job. Being the Quebec Lieutenant doesn't pay what it used to.


Rich said...

And the Sponsorship scandal keeps on giving: Note to Fife, Lawrence Martin, Tom Clark, etal Why is this not mentioned by main stream electronic media.

Jen said...

Why it is not mention, Rich? Simple, they know where the money is and want to keep it to themselves. that's is why they are pushing to have the conservatives out of government.

Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberals should be in jail, especially that crooked Chretien.

Jen said...

I agree with you phil, and do you know that he sent troops into Iraq while at the same time lied to all parties in the HOC and media.

Do you know that Chretien took 5hundred million $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from taxpayers as a cancellation fee to cancel the helicopters ordered by Mulroney for our our coast guard and military?

And to refresh our memories, it was Jean Chretien not Bush, harper or anyone else but Chretien himself without a single debate in parliament sent our troops into Afghanistan. And, do you know not a single national media like CBC CTV ever remind the public on this, yet they let the public assume that it is this PMSH responsible for sending our troops.
There is more but, you will never hear- not a whisper of it from the liberals' beloved media.
The National media would rather attack the PMSH for the liberals' corruption, neglect, than the attack the LPOC.
Read this: