Friday, December 04, 2009

The PM stands by his principles on human rights.

PM Harper in a speech to Chinese business leaders: "Our government believes and has always believed that a mutually-beneficial economic relationship is not incompatible with a good and frank dialogue on fundamental values like freedom, human rights and the rule of law,"

Jack Layton shows that he hates Canada more than he is worried about human rights: "I think you always have to be careful when you live in a glass house when it comes to throwing stones," referring to the questions raised over whether Canada transferred prisoners to Afghan authorities where they were tortured.

Michael Ignatieff:"We've all had a wake up call in Canada about how important China is and Mr. Harper has taken a very long time to wake up," said Ignatieff, who apparently was not awake enough to go through with his own trip to China earlier this year as he was again busy backing down from his election threats.

related: check out the + and - ratings for the comments at CTV ( and any of the other media outlets). It looks like the Chinese are well versed in ways in which to attempt to influence public opinion.


Jen said...

AA, check your previous post, I wrote something which might appeal to you.

I am glad that the PM stuck to his guns.

Bec said...

As you know AA, we here in Alberta have been rather preoccupied today with.....GLOBAL...crap..aka.. a normal winter blizzard so until I was able to light our fire and spew crap(ya okay) into the atmosphere, I hadn't seen this story.
Our local CTV guy on the National desk, whom I dislike, did his pre-emtive strike and I was quickly removed from stoking, our carbon emissions, to writing our local CTV affiliate.

Fortunately, the feed (as usual) was spliced and cut off ( in this case to the positive, wow first time) well enough to make the PM LOOK GREAT!

He covered all of the bases and the idiots spewing otherwise, are back at home plate, wondering what happened to their ball but still wanting to run to 1st!

Anonymous said...

Just a few months ago the Iggomaniac was perched on his soapbox pontificating about how the Harper Conservatives should be taking a harder line with China over the jailed Huseyin Celil. Now Harper is being portrayed as a failure because he refuses to kow-tow to the Chinese. Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

Ardvark said...

We are having quite the blizzard here. It snowed all day and now the winds have started picking up. That snow that I shoveled off my drive way is now starting to drift right across the middle.

Where is Al Gore when I need him? I could use the help shoveling as I am not looking forward to the morning.

CanadianSense said...

Golden opportunity missed. Could you imagine if the LPOC stood up and defended the actions of the PM and reminded him to extend his concerns for human rights to the "mission" as well?

Instead the LPOC joined the guttersnipes in looking petty and inconsistent on the "Human Rights" file.

Why are the LPOC inconsistent? Are the "Chinese" not worthy of concern by the Canadian government? (The same group Amensty International have raised concerns about the government in their treatment)

I am still amazed how no one can count in the MSM since our PM has not been the PM for for five years.

Is China unhappy with PM Paul Martin who did not return to finish those negotiated deals in his last few years in office?

What other "unfinished" business was left behind by the LPOC led government being so consumed with scandals/survival at home?

Scott Brison suggested his government had already completed the negotiations.

The response should have been back to him: Why did you not get the job done? Were you too deep in scandals through the Sponsorship, infighting at home to complete this deal? What other files were ignored because of xxx scandals?

1) Detainee Policy problems
2) Carbon-Kyoto failure
3) Maple Reactors Boondoggle-Isotopes

Jen said...

AA. Take a look however this is coming from OMNI NEWS ONTARIO, but still...I have higlighted the video website.

Ardvark said...

TY Jen, for this and that other link from Omni on the world poll.