Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Puffin = No Media Coverage.

Do you remember that cartoon puffin graphic on a CPC website from last year? You should because it was in all of the papers and other media.

Compare the media coverage and outrage of that single puffin to this, (Peter Donolo approved) found on the official party website of the always classy Liberal Party of Canada.

Ok defenders of the MSM in Canada; do you have any rational explanations for the differences in coverage?

Update: December 15, 2009. They Liberals sink even lower, if that is possible.


Byng said...

it would appear the MSM is attempting to set the news, not report same
their agenda being ?..............

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Conservatives can get even more creative than this AA.
Let's do them one better with our own version of things.

I'm pretty sure we'd get huge support for our own Copenhagen "I'm a Fossil and Proud of it Shirt"

Or, we can always expand on the Puffins, because Puffins, Lemmings...whatever, when Conservatives get creative we can prove to be a mighty force.

Ardvark said...

Doing stuff on this blog or on ones own is one thing. Doing it on the official Party website is quite another.

How does that fit in with the Ignatieff narrative of not going negative by going after the person but rather the policies?

Short answer; It doesn't but this classless contest is Peter Donolo approved!

hatrock said...

Hey don't forget how upset Liberals were in 1993 when the PC's poorly depicted Chretien in a terrible ad. And now they have this on the official party site smearing the prime minister. Sad.

Bec said...

That disgusting website and it's juvenile photo gallery should be forwarded to some savvy media personalities.It is SHOCKING!

But then there would also be the typical bad boys in the MSM that would probably find it humorous, as they do, bathroom breaks,communion hosts,bodybags and all things that they heartily embrace as skanky, Liberal party enablers.

The Liberals are PIGS and that website confirms it.
Wake up MSM!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at what's written on the mug they're offering as second prize.
"I love the smell of CO2 in the morning."
That's probably the smell of toothpaste you prat because every time you breathe you exhale CO2.

This 'contest' is nothing more than a cheap attempt to get your name, phone number and address so they can hit you up for a donation.

wilson said...

Doesn't matter what partisans think,
what do visitors to the LPC website think.
Does this crap bring in or back new voters?
The Ti-Guys out there will love it.

We all know the LibLuvin media mission statement,
'Harper must be stopped'.

They don't give a shit if they hurt our military (detainees) or cause panic in the population (swine flu), or even practice unprofessional gotcha journalism (wafergate)....they are determined to stop PMSH from getting a majority.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would stop desecrating the Little Mermaid statue with stupid photos and politically correct, obscene statues (an obese woman on the shoulders of an impoverished African man).

Besides that this site exhibits Harper derangement symptom.

ridenrain said...

Rules for radicals: Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules.

Libs and their lapdog media arm never said they weren't cheap ass gutter-snipes so they don't see a problem with this.

Platty said...

A Federal Party promoting gay bashing on their website?

This really is unbelievable, it looks like something a grade 6 student would put up on facebook!

Liberal politicians, and those who support them, are truly a classless bunch.


Ardvark said...

From the LPC website:

"We’ll post every entry we receive in the coming days (as long as it’s not inappropriate)..."

So by default anything shown has been deemed appropriate by the Liberal Party of Canada.


Jen said...

I wish that I draw here what I have in mind. Maybe you AA or anyone can do for me. Here goes.
Picture it- a large medieval fort; instead of a wall, in it place are the liberals reporters standing around the fort standing on guard for their fort. inside the fort there are three huge high rising towers inside each tower are:
tower no.1-CBC- Mansbrige and few others.
tower no.2= CTV- Fife, taber etc
tower no.3= Global-Kevin Newman etc.
Now from each tower is a reporter looking out through binoculars, scaning the wilderness for intruders (conservatives, military, innocent canadians, the usual type which they don't like)

Now here is the finally touch which I did not mention. THE LIBERALS.. they are the ones who are inside that huge fort protected by their usual clan.

Once in a while you will see a BLOC or NDP approaching the fort but before being allowed in, they have to give the code word-'COALITION' and presto the foot soldier wall of reporters will part to let them in.
How can we forget this one. Once or twice a day, a large van with sign written on the side "ADSCAM MONEY'stolen from the public is wisked quickly into the fort where the liberals anc cronies await.

You can make this into a 'fairy tale' story.' Unfortunately, it is 'true'

Can you see the picture?

Anonymous said...

Sad,juvenile, but what can one expect from a bunch of out of touch un-democratic, liars and delusional thieves.
Cheers Bubba

UsualSuspect said...

Some of them are pretty funny; however, they aren't appropriate for an official party website, not by any measure. This kind of thing you expect from student politics, but it shows you the level the LPOC is operating these days.

Pretty sad.

Imagine if the CPC had a Brokeback pic on their website poking fun of the way Bob Rae gets behind his leader...well, i think we all know what would happen.

Rich said...

I am not going to stupe to the level of Peter Donolo and the liberal web masters, all I am going to say is, that if the Conservatives and Prime Minister Harper is doing such a terrible job of mismanaging Canada then show some gumption and vote non-confidence: With the help of the Dippers and Bloc the vote should pass then the Canadian people will decide. My impression is that the Conservatives will be returned to power with a massive majority government.

Jen said...

BOB RAE, in the nude with Mercer; now that should be in the centerfold magazine then sent to Taber fifr cbc or even pasted on the walls of the parliament where the 'hill times' and ppg like to hang out.

Remember guys, the liberals like to brag and boast for being the 'first' in everything. There you have it.

gimbol said...

Here's the thing. If they have to invent it that means their talking point has to be explained.
Unlike say the moniker "Iggy" or "Iffy" which needs no explanation.
Or put another way, they have to0 fabricate all we do is get the video clip of Iggy saying it himself.

gimbol said...

Guess I should have mentioned that it looks like Donolo left Kinsella in charge of web content.

bocanut said...

Liberals are constantly trying to drag down everyone to their own disgusting level,this is just another example.

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the photo of Jack Ruby shooting the prime Minister. I found it a little congruous however...Liberals tend to stab their opponents in the back not assassinate them face to face.

Ardvark said...

Thanks Powell it is clear that the Oswald/Ruby photo was approved by the Liberals and up on the LPC website on Monday morning.

Brian in Calgary said...

The Liberal leadership is getting more pathetic every day.