Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How they voted: Bill C391 on the Firearms Registry

The members of the opposition that voted in favour of C391.

NDP Malcom Allen (Welland)
Lib Scott Andrews (Avalon)
NDP Charlie Angus (Timmons-James Bay)
IND Andre Arthur (Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier)
NDP Niki Ashton (Churchill)
Lib Larry Bagnell (Yukon)
NDP Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic)
NDP Nathan Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley)
Lib Jean-Claude D'Amours (Madawaska—Restigouche)
Lib Wayne Easter (Malpeque)
NDP Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt)
NDP Carol Hughes (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing)
NDP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay—Superior North)
NDP Mark Maloway (Elmwood—Transcona)
Lib Keith Martin (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca)
NDP John Rafferty (Thunder Bay—Rainy River)
Lib Anthony Rota (Nipissing—Timiskaming)
Lib Todd Russel (Labrador)
Lib Scott Simms (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor)
NDP Peter Stoffer (Sackville—Eastern Shore)
NDP Glen Thibeault (Sudbury)

Thank you for voting for freedom.

And here is a thank you from the so called tolerant left. (Potentially offensive link click at your own risk)

The complete voting results can be found here.


wilson said...

Lib Wayne Easter (Malpeque)

Has chosen 'not' to throw farmers into jail for having an unregistered rifle....

now another well planned ad campaign,
and maybe this list of MPs will vote against Wayne Easter's CWB which advocates throwing farmers in jail for selling their own wheat.

wilson said...

Oh, I forgot to mention,
only Western farmers are thrown into jail,
Eastern farmers can sell their grain to whom every they want.

cantuc said...

I would like to thank those MP's for voting to kill that damned stupid useless registry , and Candice Hoeppner from P La P for sponsoring it . Damn , writing your MP gets action , looks like .

Ardvark said...

There are lots of Liberals who are not happy about this and they wanted Ignatieff to whip the vote.

I am not sure if Iggy still has that kind of power over his caucus after the Coderre fiasco and fallout.

Rural and Right said...

It will be nice to finally see then end of this wasteful long gun registry and the tax dollars be spent on fighting real crime.

KUDOS to those that organized the letter writing campaign to get these Opposition MPs to vote to scrap the registry!

Was it me or did anyone else sense anger and defeat in Iggy's voice today when he spoke about the long gun registry today?

gimbol said...

We now know which opposition ridings are winnable.

wilson said...

Zeroing in and advertising in rural ridings held by the opps,
was THE most effective use of my donation dollars EVER....

IF Libs try to mess with the abolishion of the registry in committee,
advertise again,
CPC supporters will donate to the cause.

Calgary Junkie said...

This is a strong message from Harper to his base--that he doesn't take them for granted, and that he is using their donations wisely and to good effect.

Meanwhile, I was a bit surprised that the Opps who voted with us, and were interviewed, are still hedging their bets. They took their usual shots at Harper for the advertising tactics he used. It's obvious they weren't fully committed to their stance.

So let's hope their wishy-washiness can be used against them in the next campaign. All we need is talk from the pro-registration Opps that they will re-instate the registry, should they form the next government.

jad said...

According to Calgary Grit ( it ain't over yet, so keep the pressure on those Opposition MPs .

maryT said...

Hedy Fry has already said the libs would bring back this horrendous bill when they regain power.
That will be used in the next election ads, I bet.

maryT said...

Well we now know who WesternGrit will be focusing on to get out of the party. Anyone visited there to get his reaction, yesterday he went off the wall.