Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Pablo, is there something you want to tell us?

The CBC has acknowledged that Krista Erickson did indeed feed questions to a Liberal MP that were used in questioning Brian Mulroney during the ethics committee hearings, and Krista now has been taken off the Ottawa beat and sent to Toronto.

So Pablo, you had stated that it was you who wrote those questions yourself when speaking about this event shortly after it became public. Were those statements correct or ........

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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Pablo admit to telling a lie? Even though all Canadians saw him on MIke Duffy Live, lie to us all, that was our imagination!. Liberals don't lie! Ask Mr. Thibeau and the Chair of the Ethics Committee if they were involved? Also ask Mr. Thibeau what he was doing visiting Mr. Schribver in prison several times before the trail began... Sort of like the jury meeting with the witnesses before the trail began... some Ethics Committee, certainly a liberal farse... and all the liberals wanted was to get the truth!... Give me a break!