Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The OLO Responds to Wafergate.

From Kady O'Malley at ITQ comes the official response from the OLO to her query about Liberal involvement in the Wafergate story.

“This is nonsense. We didn’t record the videotape – CPAC did. And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Canadians need only look at the video on You Tube to see what happened.”

Bob Fife thinks otherwise:

Wow. It looks like the Liberals are still maintaining that this fraudulent story which has cost the job of Telegraph-Journal editor Shawna Richer is the truth, even though the paper retracted the story after finding they had NO facts to support it, and the priest who administered communion states that the PM ate the wafer. (Does that mean the Lib's are calling the priest a liar?)

Update: The Telegraph-Journal makes another apology.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think the Liberal theory is that the end justifies the means.

Whatever it takes to get back into power, and all that.

Emily said...

" I did not have sex with that woman"...even though he did.
" I did not see the PM consume that wafer"...even though he did.
Anyone see the pattern?
Over the past few days I've noticed Kinsella's blog acting like Jason Cherniak's blog on steroids...I wonder if someone's hand is going to get smacked for this little piece of mischief??

kursk said...

Liberals react to truth much in the same way as Superman does from cryptonite...

Calgary Junkie said...

Reading between the lines of this OLO statement, and based on what some Liberal partisans are spinning, they are all clinging to their belief that Harper should have consumed the wafer right away. I.E. he was disrespectful of the Catholic practice. It's not good enough that he followed his own faith's practice of holding on to the wafer, and consuming it a few moments later, while among his friends.

Anyway, the OLO has got a major headache to deal with. Their best hope is that the whole story goes away soon.

Bec said...

Those Liberal good old boys/gals, that call themselves Catholic, have some 'splainin to do, to the powers that be.
It has been mentioned time and time again, the hypocrisy of these glass house dwellers but it deserves a consistent rant and reminder.

They simply cannot have it both ways. They MUST support and believe in their Catholic Church doctrine or shut the he!! up!
I believe that 90+percent of the Liberal Catholics, should have been in confession before that funeral.
The Prime Minister, a guest, behaved appropriately and should be afforded the same respect as any guest invited into a Catholic church.
The attending 'pretenders', I have a rock if you need it for your glass house.

bigcitylib said...

Calgary Junkie,

So you are admitting he violated Catholic principles in favor of those of his his own faith? Where was he when he ate the cracker? Out in the parking lot?

Anonymous said...

I watched the CPAC video over and over again....stopping at every segment and he did not put it in his mouth.


Mark said...

Liberals lie. This isn't news. What is news is a newspaper admitted publicly that Liberals lie and tried to get the paper to spread their lies. Kinsella claims to be Catholic but has trouble understanding the whole "Thou shall not kill" regarding abortion and the church's teaching regarding a host of other issues (gay marriage, etc).

Alberta Girl said...

"I watched the CPAC video over and over again....stopping at every segment and he did not put it in his mouth"

Geesh, Lynn - you really do lead a sad life.

Alberta Girl said...

So, Lynn - you do note that right after the priest gives the wafer to the PM, he stands between the camera and Harper. Now, unless you have xray vision, he had plenty of time to consume the host.

Besides if what you say is true, WHY the apology?

Ardvark said...

You got us Lyn, maybe tomorrow we can expect the paper to retract their retraction based on your sleuthing.

Patsplace said...

Lie, Cheat, Steal. It's the Liberal way. What kind of lies are the slime thinking up now? More to the question, do they think that Canadians want to elect Liars, Cheats & Thieves?

Pissedoff said...

If Kinkysella and the rest of these lying Libs are true catholics why do they believe in abortion at any time paid by taxpayers. As a non catholic to me it shows what a bunch of lying wankers they really are.

Ardvark said...

Follow up from the OLO:

Place fingers in ears and repeat the following to anyone who asks about Wafergate. I can't hear you, na na na na na.

Blame Crash said...

I’d say that this whole situation has generated some spectacularly good raw material that can be easily fashioned into some of those good old “truth ads” that we all know and love. I can hardly wait!!
Who knows, maybe one of them will “star” that sappy faced, buffoon extraordinaire “Barney Boy”!

wilson said...

Everyone raise their hand who was surprised that the story was a fabrication with anonymous Liberal instigating the whole thing...allegedly.

Yah, no surprise.
But as much as I hang a lashing on Iffy every chance I get,
honestly, I thought he 'would do things differently',
what a disappointment that man is.

wilson said...

how many more reporters/editors will hang there jobs on the line for a Liberal 'source' to 'get Harper',
and lose? (Pablo/CBC)

Not a very bright bunch, the media.
They keep throwing there integrity and careers away to help their Liberal buddies.
Their Liberal buddies just run and cover their own butts.

Gayle said...

Where in that quote does it say the LPC are maintaining it is true?

I suppose it never occured to any of you that what they were doing was denying that they made something up? As in, upon viewing the tape it appeared Harper did not swallow the wafer. As in, this story did not come out of thin air, but rather there was some basis for it?

You might want to go back and reread the apology too. They only retracted two statements. One statement was stating, as though it were fact, that Harper did not consume the wafer. It was completely appropriate they retract and apologize for that statement, since there was no basis for that factual declaration.

They did not retract the statement where they said in the video it appeared to show Harper pocketed the wafer. There was also nothing wrong with that statement, as the video did indeed appear to show Harper pocketing the wafer.

Did he pocket it? I don't know and I don't care.

wilson said...

'Did he pocket it? I don't know and I don't care.'
A Senator and Priest both said they saw PMSH put the wafer in his mouth, PMSH said he ate it...who is it you don't believe?

There is nothing here to salvage for the Liberals Gayle.
The OLO is blaming it on CPAC, tho it was Radio Canada footage that got pulled from you tube.

PMSH got an apology for accusations in a story based on NOTHING crediable (read Liberal).

Libs lost another round,
and the story validates
1) Lib = dirty tricks, Iffy isn't going to do anything differently 2) media bias against PMSH

Cons 2, Libs 0, media -1

wilson said...

Iffy is in his usual fetal position, MIA .

Gayle said...

Oh wilson - Harper got an aplogy from the paper, not from the liberals.

There is nothing the liberals have to salvage, and no reason for Ignatieff to comment on a private issue between Harper and this paper.

Gayle said...

One paper does one thing improperly, for which they aplogized, and wilson thinks it means all media everywhere are biased against the CPC.


wilson said...

New poll, Cons and Libs tied, but Canadians still trust PMSH over Iffy on the economy.

I see Spinsella is threatening yet another libel suit over wafergate.
But no response from Iffy on Fife's story about Libs being behind the fake story.

And the LPC sent out taxpayer subsidized attack 10%ers, after complaining loudly about the Cons doing so.

Blame Crash said...

Gayle, do you really believe the vapid guff that you spew out. It's all just "white noise" that wouldn't convince anyone of anything.
In fact, it’s actually a strong motivator for common sensed people like me and others to remain vigilant in the face of such disingenuous left wing tomfoolery.

maryT said...

Iggy comes out of hiding and threatens a fall election.
To all the posters who are trying in vain to absolve the liberals, remember the saying THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE THAT WILL NOT SEE.
Who told Fife a liberal did it.
And just think of the millions it will cost for an inquiry into this, should the PM not win the next election. (which he will, with a majority)
And a message to Layton, dream on re more seats in AB.

ScottS said...
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Gayle said...

"New poll, Cons and Libs tied..."

Really? All that, after Harper supposedly brought Ignatieff to his knees in June, and after Harper has had the whole summer to build his numbers (which usually go up for the government during the summer).


Ardvark said...

Do you mean number like this?