Friday, July 03, 2009

Ardvark's Law: On Michael Ignatieff Quotes.

Godwin's Law: "As a Usenet (online) discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

Ardvark's Law: "The more damaging the words of Michael Ignatieff, the higher the probability that someone will claim that the words were taken out of context."

Some examples of Ardvark's Law in action.

On Ukrainians: "If Vic Toews wants to set me against the Ukrainian community, he will not succeed," Ignatieff said, adding that Toews took the comments out of context. (source)

On Qana: "One rule I understand about this is that you're fully responsible for your words. You're even responsible when they're quoted out of context, as I believe I was in this instance," he said. (source) and "Well, a remark taken ludicrously out of context." (source)

On torture: "But hey, that’s what I object to. I’ve had three years of people taking quotations out of context on the torture issue," (source)

There are of course hundreds of examples on the blogs where Ignatieff quotes on anything from his country being the USA, our flag looking like a beer label, his love for Algonquin Park, and his belief that the west has and always will be french, are claimed to be taken out of context by trolls Ignatieff supporters, but you get the idea and it would take too long to dig through all of them to make the point.

So the next time you have someone claim that Ignatieff's own words have been taken out of context, help stop the spin and feel free to cite Ardvark's Law.

h/t to commenter Jeff for the original idea and allowing it to be named Ardvark's Law. You rock Jeff!


JDot said...


"Ardvark's Law", Brilliant, just brilliant.

Great idea by Jeff, and awesome sourcing by you Ardvark(go stuff running with the idea). This is pure gold.

Every time Iggy gets into hot water over what he has said, his supporters(MSM,Bloggers etc.) resort to the "out of context"(the CPC is evil) defence.

Re:The Ukraine comments.

Almost as bad as what Iggy said, was his spin that he was being "ironic". And that it was out of context..

Anonymous said...

Judging by the amount of quotes that Ignatieff is known for, I would expect Aardvark's Law to get plenty of use in the coming months.

Good job.

Bec said...

Why bother reading any of his books, attending any of his lectures or contributing money, to attend a fundraising speaking engagement because if anything is found by others to be ridiculous offensive or unclear, he will simply play the "taken out of context' card.

The Liberals found themselves with an exceptional dud.
Hopefully the trolls won't take that comment "out of context" and consider it a dig or criticism?

Anonymous said...

Here is one for your out of context file. "He said his life has exposed him to different cultures and different experiences. He is the only current federal leader in Canada who has been to Iran. Besides, he said, there were other prime ministers, Lester Pearson among them, who spent a great deal of their lives outside Canada before they assumed power. “The alternative [PM Harper] is a politician formed and shaped in the radical conservative ideological world of Calgary and Calgary think tanks,” Mr. Ignatieff said."

Obviously this was taken out of context because no politician with any brains would insult an entire city that way. Would they?

Anonymous said...

Do all of Ignatieff's books come with context translators ?

Ardvark said...

Thanks everyone.

JDot, I thought the same thing when I read Jeff's comment. We exchanged a couple of emails, and here we are at the birth of a Law.

Bec, Iggy is not ready for prime time and carries too much baggage. A bad combo in any election campaign.

0826Anon. Yes the books do. One is allegedly going to be running the Liberal war room in the next election

maryT said...

Yes he did diss the entire city of Calgary. Wonder how the liberal mayor of said city feels about that. And he wants to win the west. (NNW-Will the real radical)

wilson said...

Could this be Aardvark law # 2 in the making?
When the majority agree with Conservatives,
Iffy says Conservatives are dividing the country!!

Now Iffy is at the Calgary Stampede attacking PMSH for attacking the's hilarious.

To Iffy, EVERYTHING Conservative divides the country...oh, but that's not an attack, because a Liberal said it!

Just like when the majority of Canadians did NOT want the Coalition of Losers to seize power from the Government,
or when the majority thought Iffy's Green Shift was a tax grab and hated it,
or the Dipper policy backed by Iffy over EI 360,
Iffy said it was the Conservatives dividing the country...BS,
it was the coalition and Iffy on the wrong side of the majority,
that's why HE backs down, not the Government!

Ardvark said...

How does going after the Bloc on their voting record by using 10%ers in Quebec divide the country? Why is he talking about this in Alberta?

Oh I know why, it is to divide the country which is exactly what he claims he is trying to prevent. The man had no clue and every time he opens his mouth it becomes clearer that he does not get it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ardvark, you are brilliant.

maryT said...

Any info on how many went to his breakfast this morning.
Also, WK says he slept under the same roof as-and names several libs and the PM. He did not name Iggy, was he at the funeral. Never heard him or saw him in the coverage, but Heather said he was there. When does he go overseas, and how long will he be gone.
And him defending the Bloc over the ad tells me the coalition is alive and well.

Ardvark said...

Just a late comment on the Stampede flap-jack breakfast. It would seem that Iggy went against the long standing tradition of having a free breakfast and charged $40 for the privilege of being near his Iggyness.

Again the man is out of touch with reality.

maryT said...

That 40.00 is cheap considering what they are paying to see and hear him in London today. What does 120L convert to in cdn funds.
Any coverage of this event on lib blogs or website.
And how many attended his breadfast, other than diehard liberals. Were kids allowed in free.

Ardvark said...

What ever amount they paid it was too much to listen to more Hollow Words.