Tuesday, July 07, 2009

PM Harper and Michael Ignatieff are off to Europe.

Today the leaders of both major political parties in Canada are off to Europe, but they go to Europe with different purposes in mind. One of them is working for Canada. The other for himself.

PM Harper goes to Europe get some work done at the G8 summit in Italy.

Michael Ignatieff goes to give a speech and sell some more of his books. With Ignatieff the arrogance abounds.


Anonymous said...

Well, I for one can't wait for PM Ignatieff to represent Canada at the G8 while Harpo is a guest on Fox's "Red Eye".

Anonymous said...

I take it you still wait for the Easter Bunny to show up at your place too.

Anonymous said...

Yup, and the tooth fairy has done more to stimulate the economy that the Tories have.

Anonymous said...

Lots of bunnies show up at my place..dust bunnies

kursk said...

Classic..lefties wish to have PM Harper 'wear' the recession, and deride him for not spending enough on the stimulation of the economy.

In the same breath, they say the deficit is too high, and Harper is a poor manager of the economy.

Sorry anonymous #1, I know who I would rather have guiding Canada through these troubled economic times, and it isn't Ignatieff..

Michael said...

Horseshit Kursk. The issue is quality not quantity.

And because Flaherty and Harper have next to no quality as fiscal managers, they lost control of the quantity too.


We advocated for deficit spending to stimulate the economy, but nobody asked for a STRUCTURAL DEFICIT.

But with Harper and Deficit Jim, that's what we got.

Doug said...

Where or when did the Liberals EVER offer anything constructive on the budget or how to stimulate the economy? They didn't and in fact were quite proud of themselves for not doing anything to help out the government and the country, even though they were asked to contribute.

To cry now when you sat on your ass when the work was being done show just the type of opportunistic hypocrites the Liberals are.

Oh, and they still don't have a plan either.

Ardvark said...

I see that we have gone a bit off topic here, but judging from the comments it looks like there is an agreement that the economy is still in a mess.

So now with the economy still in crisis, which of the 2 leaders is going to be helping the situation while in Europe? The guy promoting his book, or the guy meeting with other world leaders?

Bec said...

"......and sell some more of his books."

Did someone give Michael a new job description? That is all I have heard him accomplish over the the past few months since his CORONATION.

Maybe he has an amazing vineyard on the back forty of that property in France. So he may drink some great wine too.

Meanwhile back at the ranch..... everyone else is working.

jad said...

Angelo Persicilli had a piece in the Hill Times on the weekend saying essentially that Ignatieff needs to decide if he really wants to be a Canadian politician.

It seems to me if you are serious about Canadian politics, particularly in the midst of an economic crisis, you don't swan off to the UK to give a speech to a bunch of Euro-elites about a Russian-born British philosopher that most Canadians have never heard of.

Jen said...

AA, What happened to the $49million which the liberals still owe the public. I notice that the media are afraid to ask the liberals for it.I guess AA, we are not worth their voice.
How about the $161million which Paul Martin took for his shipping company, I notice also the MSM is quiet on it as well.
So, AA, the MSM and liberals say they are concern yet, not a single dime has returned.

Who is paying for IGNATIEFF book tour.?

maryT said...

Check out NNW, and Susan Delacourt's column on what Iggy said in his speech in London.
He is against stimulus etc. Didn't he sign on to the coalition because the PM was not spending enough. Isn't all this stimulus the result of said coalition. Just think what it would be if they had got into power.
With his stmt the govt can't or shouldn't take over everything does that mean national daycare is DOA.