Sunday, August 02, 2009

Auf Weidersehen Karlheinz Schreiber

I wanted to make sure it actually happened before writing anything and it does look like it has indeed happened.

Karlheinz Schreiber is now in German custody and bound for his homeland.

Auf Weidersehen Karl Heinz, thanks for the memories. Make sure to send Paul Szabo a postcard when you land and let him know that important information you promised to give us before you left.

Update: The government still can be efficient when they want to be.

From the Globe:
"Karlheinz Schreiber was whisked onto an overnight flight by RCMP officers Sunday night after an Ontario Superior Court Judge dismissed his last-gasp court challenge to delay his extradition to Germany.

At about 7:45 p.m., about three hours after the 75-year-old lobbyist turned himself in at a Toronto area jail, he called his wife from a cellphone belonging to one of the Mounties.

“He couldn't speak long. He only said to me he is on the plane and I should be not worried,” his wife, Barbel Schreiber, said....."

Boom. Done and out within hours! Kudos for a job well done.

Now if we could only get the rest of that beast known as the government to be this efficient we would really have something to be happy about.


wilson said...

Maybe he gave all that juicy stuff to Robert Thibault?
bye bye, KHS, we won't miss yah.

Ardvark said...

I am sure he has quite a long list of Liberal MP's to send cards to, and maybe even the odd CBC reporter as well.

Agent Smith said...

Das gerunnameround ist kaput herr Heinz. Danke ver der endless yakfunk dorkmund. Welt geshundheit inst das kooler duffkopf.

wilson said...

The New York Times picked up wafergate apology

Newspaper Apologizes for Inventing a Scandal

Ardvark said...

Thanks Wilson!

From the times article above:

"That combination that has prompted supporters of Mr. Harper, a Conservative, to suggest in blogs and on Twitter that the Irvings planted the story to improve the fortunes of the opposition Liberal Party. At the same time, some Liberal bloggers claim that the retraction was a bid by the family to curry favor with Mr. Harper. Neither side has offered much in the way of collaboration."


maryT said...

How did Harvey, of 5th estate fame, know to get a flight booked to germany yesterday, and be waiting for the arrival of KHS in germany.
Reporting from germany, on cbc, he made a surprising stmt. -Most of the press conference was in german.- He asked a question in english.
If he is surprised that the language of the media in germany is german, what else was he ignorant about that he he spouted as facts.
Greenspan just reporting that KHS will return to Canada if he is acquitted. And, as most of the proceedings against him will be in German, and he doesn't speak that language, it is doubtful he will go to germany to assist KHS.
How long will the cbc lead with this story.

Soccermom said...

Robert Thibault who? Didn't he lose his seat last election?

Hardi hardi har har!