Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 hours lost and other weekend thoughts.

A few thoughts and mini link dump for a Saturday.

First the political: Could someone please explain to me why unions( CUPE, USW, CEP) have standing at the NDP convention and are allowed to submit policy proposals to the floor? Local EDA's can do this as they are made up of paid party members who are supposed to represent the members/grassroots in their EDA's. They do the party grunt work and are the backbone of the party so this is understandable, but why unions? Unions are no longer allowed to donate money directly to political parties, they are not representative of any type of grassroots, they do not vote, and although they can spend to advertise and do lobby both in out of the writ period, this spending is not guaranteed and certainly it is not guaranteed to be for the benefit of the NDP. Also since the unions never ask or put to a vote of their own members if they should be spending money advocating for a particular political party, or coming up with policy proposals for that party, why would such non democratic principles be welcomed in a party that wants to now be called the Democratic Party?

I would really like to hear the reasoning and logic for allowing this. Anyone?


Arrrg. Without looking it up I would say that we have already lost well over 2 hours of sunlight a day since the start of summer, last night there was a frost warning for outside of the city, and the leaves on my neighbors tree are starting to turn yellow; all of this can only mean one thing, I must kill that damn tree. Perhaps there is hope though, maybe PM Harper does have a weather machine and can stop all of this nonsense.

Related: From the above linked Scott Feschuck article comes perhaps the best subtle burn of the month: On Ignatieff "Author of several great books and also his latest book." Ouch!

Some US politics: I know this is being discussed all over the web but I think these 3 videos sum up the nuttiness and hypocrisy of the left in a way words cannot.

So the Democrats like protesters when it suits them but play the Nazi card when the protests are against them. Lovely and typical.

Here is Glen Beck with a very nice collection of idiocy and hypocrisy.

What is up with using all of these Nazi references anyway? Pelosi opened the can of worms with her comments above and since then the floodgates have been opened with all sides comparing everyone and everything to Nazis. Are they not aware how desperate and foolish this looks? There is even a law on this subject: Godwin's Law: "As a Usenet (online) discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." Which basically means that when you play the Nazi card you have already lost the argument.

This is insane. Where will this nonsense end? I mean the next thing you know anyone wearing a black hat with a skull on it is going to be called a Nazi.

Real Nazi:

Not a real Nazi:
Which is silly; I mean they could just be a pirate or any number of other things ;)

Lighten up it is a joke and goes to show just how stupid playing the Nazi card really is so don't sue me.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

The reason is that the NDP are nothing more than a front organization of the unions. They play the tune and the socialists dance.