Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jack Layton is proud of this.

Here is something to think about the next time you are sitting around the kitchen table.

Jack Layton boasts that the he and the NDP are proud of the fact that their party is NOT making parliament work. Jack Layton: "Look at the record – 79 times in succession it hasn't been the NDP that Mr. Harper has counted on to get support,"

Keep up the good work Jack. Keep showing Canadians exactly why they should not be voting for ideologues who would rather play games for their support base than try to work for the good of the country.


Anonymous said...

Layton has his socialist pinhead stuck so far up his wazoo he thinks the light coming in his giant piehole is sunlight.

maryT said...

Next time Layton complains about the deficit, perhaps he should mention how much of it is due to his having a caucus, receiving fat paycheques and future pensions, and voting no to everything are responsible for it. How many votes did the ndp get last election. To think there are that many people who have no concern for taxpayer money. Will their candidates campaign on we will do nothing but vote no, just to get our chance for a taxpayer pension.

Ardvark said...

Surely there must have been something the NDP agreed with over the last 1300 days. Considering Jack is now piping off about getting tough on white collar crime, one might think the NDP might be in agreement with at least some of the CPC crime bills.

CanadianSense said...

The NDP have supported specific Bills. Accountability and the recent Crime Bill are two that come to mind.

I also give credit to the NDP for being the architect of the coalition. They almost gained instant credibility and cabinet seats after placing fourth in a general election six weeks earlier.

The strategy and tactics were impressive. The NDP were also smart in requiring the Liberals to sign on the dotted line.

The Liberals will have a much bigger problem on the official campaign trail explaining why they signed it in the first place.

Ardvark said...

Jack Layton and the rest of the NDP wanted Stephane Dion to be Prime Minister. That in itself is enough reason not to vote NDP.

Anonymous said...

It was also enough of a reason not to vote Liberal either :)

Ardvark said...


But Dion has been forced out by Iggy and his crew in his greed for power. The same Iggy who said this just a week before the Liberal coup "We are at one, the three of us, that the only person who can lead the party is the duly elected leader of the party Mr. Stephane Dion,"

What a guy that Ignatieff is, what a guy.

Anonymous said...

Have the Libs have just swapped a french clueless profesor for an enligsh clueless professor. Both Dion and Iggy are facing the same criticisms for their lack of political instinct. Iggy's only benefit over Dion seems to be control of the english language and the fact that he isn't basing his entire platform on a carbon tax (or rather, he is...but just not talking about it).

wilson said...

''Jack Layton and the rest of the NDP wanted Stephane Dion to be Prime Minister.''

Right now, if Dippers and Bloc wanted to, they could form a coalition and replace the Liberals as the Official Opposition.

So press the fast forward button had a coalition been successful AA,
Dippers + BLOC had a majority over the Libs in their coalition government.
How long would it have been before Jack and Gilles made a secondary deal to oust Dion and put Jack in the PM chair?

Anonymous said...

wilson you have hit the nail squarely on the head
the Bloc and Layton's NDP are a coalition
Ignatieff's Liberals are between a rock and a rock
they have nowhere to turn
interesting times
Layton's NDP are becoming the party to watch