Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This morning at the OLO

Aide: Good morning sir, here is your much needed coffee.

Michael Ignatieff: Thank you Jeeves. By the way have you seen my media scan of the latest news stories about me?

Aide: Nice weather we are having.

MI: Um, yes it is but I would prefer a rainy day over a sunny one. I get some of my best thoughts thunk on rainy days. (long pause) Now where is that media scan?

Aide: The dog ate it sir.

MI: Dog? I don't have a dog. I have a Burmese cat who like myself is a rather refined creature who would never resort to eating common things such as a paper.

Aide: Er, I have to go. I am pretty sure that I left a roast in the oven and my front door unlocked so......

MI: Somehow I am having a hard time believing that Jeeves since you are a vegetarian and you live in my basement. Is there something in that scan that you think I shouldn't see?

Aide: (pointing to the other side of the room) What's that? (running out of room while MI turns his head)

MI: Jeeves? Jeeves? (Goes back to drinking his coffee)

(a knock at the door)

MI: (Looks up) Come on in Bob.

Bob Rae: Good morning leader, how is your coffee today? Oh and I have a copy of today's media scan for you. (smiles as he hands MI a copy of the media scan)

The latest top 5 stories for Liberal Party found at Google News at the time of writing:

Fall election risky for Liberals.

Ignatieff needs a makeover.

A cure for election fever.

Ignatieff missing in action.

Fall election might not be good for Liberals.


Anonymous said...

All this means is that the professor would rather sink the country back INTO a recession just as we're coming OUT of it.

Sad what the LPOC will do for power.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

If the National Post editorial is correct, then Iggy has big problems:

...Or, there are elements within the Liberal party who were enraged by Mr. Ignatieff's June decision not to force an election over EI and stimulus spending. It is this angry faction who are now dropping election rumours everywhere in hopes of backing their leader into a corner from which he will be forced to bring down the Tories.

Now that is a fascinating thought upon which to ruminate. If it were raining that is, and if one were predisposed to think thoughts at such a time....

Bec said...

I don't believe that any of this will matter, when push comes to shove.
I believe there may be those in the LPoC that are working on a dribble of policy but I believe there are more, looking for the next big scandal to brush the CPoC with.
For 3+years, they have inundated parliament with pathetic dramatics about faux scandals. Exactly what policy ideas have they come up with? Nothing, nada.
They simply regurgitate their old garbage as in Universal daycare, Kelowna etc, etc. and as for this 'hopey, changey stuff, well I for one, HOPED they would CHANGE their direction but they are incapable of recognizing that they needed too.

So having said all of that, I believe their arrogant assumption that they are entitled to be the government will make the fall session a living nightmare and possibly create the climate that involves an election. Shheeesh!

Fay said...

I agree with you Bec. The good thing is the MSM led Liberal Party looks worse and worse.

Calgary Junkie said...

Straight from the horse's mouth ... Darrell Bricker of Ipsos-Reid talks to Rob Snow of CFRA radio ... Listen here

"Well the vote numbers are pretty similar to what Mr. Dion was getting. In terms of some of the impressions of the Liberal Party, they're SOMEWHAT more positive for Mr. Ignatieff.

But the difference that we see in these numbers [compared to last year] is that the people who are SRONGLY committed to Mr. Ignatieff and to the Liberals seem to be SLIDING a little bit. There seems to be a bit of POLITE acceptance of Mr. Ignatieff among his supporters, rather than a real FERVENT feeling that HE is the man, this is his time, and this is the party that should govern ..."

As Paul Simon sang:
Slip-sliding away, you know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip-sliding away ...

Jen said...

Please read

A cure for election fever


wilson said...

IMO no govt shud be toppled until they table their second budget...
but, if they insist,
there is absolutely no better time for PMSH and this Conservative govt to have an election, than this fall.

Why give the Libs what they need most, time?

We are all witnessing Iffy back down, retrack and down right lie...the guy is walking on quicksand.

More time gives Iffy longer to disconnect to the coalition of losers, even if he has to repeat a lie to do it.
Memories fade with time.
Even an 'arrangement' with Dippers is scary while the recession lurks.
Next year, who knows?

Tho we haven't seen/heard any real policy,
one can project that Iffy will have a some big huge (costly)project(s) meant to 'unite' the nation.
(did you know it cost $2B for 19 klm of highspeed rail?)

Right now, Canadians want to live in today and will be short sighted, because of the unknown results of the recession.
A year from now, big ideas may be more appealing.

If the Libs insist on an election,

Calgary Junkie said...

Rutherford is on right now, editorializing about a November election. Followed by Paul Adams from Ekos and Darrell Bricker from Ipsos-Reid.

Should be in the CHQR
Audio Vault at the top of the hour.

Bring up Tuesday, Aug 25, starts @ 9:07 AM.

Bits and pieces from Ekos guy ...

"There's no enthusiasm about this [an election] among the public AT ALL"

"When Iggy threatened an election [in June] the Liberals TANKED OVERNIGHT ... Canadians woke up the next day and heard this election talk ...he took a BIG HIT in the polls"

Bits and pieces from Bricker ...

"That the numbers would be tied right now [as the other pollsters have it] is unrealistic ... we're comfortable with what we've got [an 11 point lead for the CPC]"

"What it [leader to leader comparisons] shows me is that there is a big gap between what people know and respect about Harper and what they know about Ignatieff"

Anonymous said...

even after all of the good news out there today for the PM why are you still worried about the MSM.

Isn't it clear that they've been wrong?

How about a little support for the guy who proved them wrong,eh?

The PM is in the catbird seat. He's in charge and the economy is turning around and still we hang on Ignatieff?

I seriously don't get why Iggy's such a threat to you? He's sure no threat to Harper.

The big losers are the folks much like folks here, but Liberals who believed the lie from the old boys that their ground support would have a say in who their next leader is.

Mr. Ignatieff and his team of coalition props. are getting exactly what they deserve.

If an election happens, they'll get more. Canadians will bury the Liberals even further than they are now. Iggy has nothing at all in common with the average Joe.

Calgary Junkie said...

From Maclean's ...

The press gallery is informed that Jack Layton will be stopping by Langevin Block at 2:50pm today to have his picture taken on his way to meeting with the Prime Minister.

A press conference will follow at 4pm in the National Press Theatre.


WTF does Jack want to talk about so soon before Parliament returns ???

wilson said...

oooooh, and if you read comments 3 and 5 from this Steve V,
now is a GREAT time for an election:


wilson said...

CJ, if I remember correctly, PMSH calls in all the leaders before session resumes.

Calgary Junkie said...

Okay thanks wilson, I think you're right, one of the Lib bloggers says the meeting was at Harper's request.

"I smell a dirty deal"

Ardvark said...

Joanne, just a Dion had people constantly pushing him towards an election, Ignatieff faces the same. Only this time Ignatieff is the one being pushed not one of the people doing the pushing. I hope your little summer break went well.

Bec, I agree that we can see more of the same from Ignatieff as we saw from Dion, but how long can he keep that up?

Wilson, there is little doubt that the CPC are ready to go and would win a fall election, but I don't think that now is not the time. Unless, as you wrote, they insist ;)

Anon @0941: I would not say that I am worried about Ignatieff or the Liberals, but this country really does not need another election at this point. I also have my doubts that a few MSM stories, that seem to be more of a warning to the Libs than they are positives for the CPC, are going to change the way the Libs operate or are a sign that the MSM has really changed their pro Lib ways.

Anonymous said...

You're right.

Kinsella's comment really does smack of desperation doesn't it?

Don't be too hard on Jack Layton. Perhaps he has the balls that Iggy doesn't and will come out full-tilt against a fall election. After all I'd say that he and the NDP would benefit most from more time.

Also, Bourque has a post up suggesting that Iggy's set to go negative.

I say "go for it Iggy" and if you feel lucky you'll want to hope that neither the NDP or the CPC haven't got a vault full and ready to go of more Iggy Truths.

Ardvark said...

Axis of weasels? Leave it to Kinsella to spin for Ignatieff with a line used frequently during the coup last December.

Does the man have no shame? The next thing you know he will be using natural disasters as spin. Oops.