Saturday, August 29, 2009

The real reason.....

It is not that all of the media and LPC hype surrounding Ignatieff, about how with one twitch of an eyebrow women would swoon and men would succumb to his awesomeness, has utterly failed with the Canadian public. It is not that even in the worst economic times this country has had in decades that Ignatieff is unable to gain support in the polls. It is not the fact that the Liberal brass tossed aside democracy and burned through a lot of political goodwill with their own members to appoint a dud (Ignatieff) as leader. No; none of these are the real reason why everyday Liberal strategists and the elite back room power brokers wake up screaming or are banging their heads on their desks thinking about the failed expectations and wondering what has gone so wrong.

The real reason is this:

And it is moves like this that show why PM Stephen Harper is a pure political genius and that those desks at Liberal Party HQ are going to continue to take a pounding for the foreseeable future.

From the article "Many people are using the word "inspired" to describe Harper's appointment of Doer, including former Canadian ambassador to the U.S. and former New Brunswick premier, (long time Liberal) Frank McKenna."

Brilliant absolutely brilliant.

Ignatieff and PM Harper are not even in the same league when it comes to political smarts and during the upcoming months this will become even more clear. Hang on to your fedora Iggy because you ain't seen nothing yet.


maryT said...

what does Layton say about this. Now we will find out if Manitoba is really NDP or Doer.

Ardvark said...

Layton in typical hypocrite fashion will not say a word about the PM appointing Doer. I think he used up all of his words on Thursday talking about the senate appointments to anyone who had a microphone.

Harper won this week hands down. Even if you have issues with the senate appointments he has gotten the issue front and center again in the press.

Anonymous said...

The appointment of Doer was a good move. I have a problem understanding why there are conservatives bitching about the senate appointments. What exactly was PMSH to do leave them empty for the lieberals in the event of an election loss.
The one question I have is, Does the eight year term start now or at the time that there are elected senators in all the provinces?
Rob C

Anonymous said...

It's only 2009, so it would be singular as in decade, the unemployment was worse all through the 80's and 90's.
Remember the 68 cent dollar? Massive unemployment? food lines?
How short the memory is.

Rich said...

Rob C
"The one question I have is, Does the eight year term start now or at the time that there are elected senators in all the provinces?"

These Senators that were appointed by PMSH all have agreed that once a province holds a senatorial election that they would step down and run in said election. This comment was made by Pamela Wallin.

As of now, Saskatchewan has legislation before their Provincial Parliament to enact Senatorial Legislation; Manitoba is introducing such legislation this fall; I have not yet heard about the other 7 Provinces. I think it is only a matter ot time before all provinces comply.

Ardvark said...

Lets hope so. The sooner they hold elections the sooner at least one part of the senate mess gets fixed.

That is unless the Liberals return to power and ignore the provincial votes as Martin did with Alberta when he appointed the piano player over the duly elected choice of the people of Alberta. That is a question I would hope Iggy is asked about at a town hall sometime in the near future.