Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast

No matter how much they try, no matter how much they wish it would just go away, the coalition will live on well into the next election campaign.

“Attacking the Liberals so early could be dangerous for the NDP. In all likelihood there might be some sort of coalition government after the next election,” said Nelson Wiseman, a political scientist at the University of Toronto."

It still lives, and like or not it will be THE issue of the next election campaign. In fact the first shots have already been fired across the bow by the Conservatives as Democratic Reform Minister of State Steven Fletcher was quoted as calling for an end to political party subsidies.
Yes, those very same political subsidies that even the threat of cutting back in December caused the coalition to first form; although all the coalition partners deny that the cuts were the real reason, anyone with a brain knows it was the cuts to funding that was the real trigger.

As a little refresher Jack Layton reminds us all just why/how the coalition formed. BTW, one BIG question that has never been answered properly or even at all, is when did Jack Layton first discuss a coalition scenario with the Bloc? I guess that one will can be asked again during the campaign.

You can listen to the entire conference call here and pt 2 here.

So get ready Iggy because like it or not, here it comes again.

Oh, and for the first first journalist who sticks a microphone in Bob Rae's direction and asks him if he still thinks the coalition was a good idea, a free cup of coffee on me.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow. That's very interesting. I wonder what Wiseman was basing his speculation on?

I actually wouldn't have a problem with a Liberal-NDP coalition if that's want they campaigned on.

But to introduce it after the fact, with the support of the Bloc is a different matter altogether.

Jen said...

Layton is fully aware of Ignatieff signature on the coalition agreement which Ignatieff himself honours as he said so to Kevin Newman during a short interview.

I never thought for one moment that the 'COALITION' sas dead.

And you are correct AA, 'the subsidies was the main issue why the coalition was form. Although, I don't see why for the liberals, they don't need money for advertising, they get it for 'free' from the 'MSM' plus the party still owe the nation $40million and counting which they refuse point blank to give back.
So what exactly is the liberals' problems?

wilson said...

'I actually wouldn't have a problem with a Liberal-NDP coalition if that's want they campaigned on.'

Many would agree Joanne.
IMO that's what this Dipper attack is all about. Forcing Iffy out of the weeds, take a stand on a formal coalition with the Dippers now or this is a taste of things to come.
Decision time Iffy.

msm has been very quiet on a LibDipper coalition, not wanting to let the cat out of the bag.

In our parliamentary system, as we are all aware of now,
if PMSH wins a weaker minority, and the LibDippers can form a CLEAR MAJORITY,
the GG will hand over power to the coalition.....BUT that senario would definitely be in jepardy if Libs again deny they would join Dippers to sieze govt should the opportunity arises.
Deceiving Canadians will not be tolerated a second time.

wilson said...
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wilson said...

oops, double post.

Another twistto a coalition govt, Dippers in Quebec.
Poll had Dippers as second choice of Bloc supporters.

If Iffy runs on a LibDipper coalition, are Bloc supporters (the non-sepppies) going to 'safely' run the Dippers instead of Libs?
That would certainly put more Orange in cabinet, eh.

maryT said...

There have been many articles and comments re the 1.95/vote and eliminating it. But, most of the comments have just referred to it being a way to cut of the Bloc funding. That subsidy would be eliminated for all parties, and the conservatives would suffer the most. But, losing 800,000 votes last election really cost the libs a lot of money.
We must all get out to every townhall meeting and ask the ndp/lib candidate, will you work to form a coalition if another minority conservative govt is elected. Their answers should be recorded and put on u-tube.

Ardvark said...

Joanne, I would have little or no issue if the coup partners actually ran as a coalition either, but we both know that the parties have neither the guts or the honesty to do so.

And my offer for the free cup of coffee to the journalist who asks Bob Rae whether he still thinks the coalition was a good idea is now being extended to bloggers or anyone else who can get his response on tape.

maryT said...

I remember when someone was invited to take part in a conference call, by mistake, but when was this call taped.

Ardvark said...

The call took place in late November of 2008. Not sure on the exact date.

Mary, you are right that each and every NDP and Liberal running in the next election must be asked if they are planning to form another coalition. The problem is that the MSM is not going to do it so it is up to you, me, and everyone else to ask that question ourselves.

wilson said...

PMSH will ask the question in the debates.

maryT said...

Just read Codere's interview at the NNW site. He is ready for an election and was bragging about their latest candidate, who will defeat a Bloc MP. Says the only reason the Bloc won was fallout over Adscam but that is in the past. Also, this riding is home of the asbestos industry in Que and both Codere and the new guy says Iggy did not say that exports of Asbestos should be stopped. He never mentioned asbestos, just toxic stuff. Anyone got a video or reference to what Iggy said in BC about stopping exports of asbestos. And is the new guy part of that financial or pension thing that just took a great big hit.
The truth about what Iggy said re asbestos has to get out to the Quebec voters, along with pics of Codere marching with the terrorists.
And when will that liberal name names of liberals in Quebec involved in Adscam. It is not forgotten by voters, we want our money back.

Ardvark said...

Mary, I don't have what Iggy said in BC but I do have what he said in Edmonton.

"Canada has to be out of the asbestos business. We should not export it and we should not produce it." That is an exact quote btw.

You don't get more clear cut than that so I guess Coderre is lying through his teeth on this one.

Ardvark said...

Thanks for the tip Mary, I have a post up on it now.

And for the record it looks like it was not Coderre but the local Lib candidate and another prominent local Lib that said Iggy never said that he would shut down the industry, so my apologies to Mr. Coderre for the error of my previous comment.

Jen said...

The problem is that the MSM is not going to do it so it is up to you, me, and everyone else to ask that question ourselves.

That's right AA, canada does not have a national news media if there were take my word for it, the liberalas will not play games nor pass blame to others for the liberals very own mistakes and most of all the liberals would not beable to support terrorist groups without the public not knowing about the story; nor will the liberals be able to run to the media for coverup. Unfortunately, we don't have that national media, which I find strange especially when third world countries do have varieties of national media reporting just like it is done in the USA. why do you thing OBAMA is under scrutiny is because some national media like FOXNEWS do their homework properly no wonder the americans are tuning in to Fox news. they both have same intinct about OBAMA etc.
Canada's national media fits in the same mold as PUTIN'S, and once Saddam's media.

Paul Martin takes 161 million for his shipping company the media says nothing.
The PMSH has managed to survive for three and half years without the media. all he needs to do is go to the states where he can be interviewed properly.

Fortunately for some, there are good reporters out there but have no access to the national or front page news reporting.
Luckily for most of us the NP has revealed more than the national liberal media ever or dare to report.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And my offer for the free cup of coffee to the journalist who asks Bob Rae whether he still thinks the coalition was a good idea is now being extended to bloggers or anyone else who can get his response on tape.

Funny how they never ask him that...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Here's a link to the asbestos flip-flop BTW.

O.K Now I'm going to turn off my computer and get away from blogging for a while.

Carry on, Ardvark! You're doing a great job.