Monday, August 10, 2009

Something lighter for a Monday morning: 16 Tons parody

I saw this at Hunter's place and thought that such a well done parody deserved recognition and its own post.

The Ghost of Tennessee Ernie Ford. (video deleted from Youtube but try here.)

The original 16 Tons.


Ben W said...

"If the right one don't get you then the left one will."

I know this is showing my age but I remember when Sixteen Tons was still a hit.

maryT said...

Several years ago, when visiting Saskatoon, we were leaving a restaurant, and planning to leave the next a.m.. I saw a poster at the till, for a concert the next night starring my very favorite singer, Tennesse Ernie Ford. We stayed an extra 2 days and took in his show. Hearing 16 Ton, in person was unforgettable. A 2 hour outdoor show, and not one foul word or insinuation. Thanks for the original song.

Anonymous said...

That could just as easy be Harpers song to Ontario entitled '16 ton of auto bailouts.'

hunter said...

Thanks for the link Ardvark. It does deserve it's own post. I wonder if it will make the "fishy" file?

Ardvark said...

I doubt that many people who read this blog ever heard of Mr.Ford or his music but the parody was so well done that I thought it would make for a good occasion to introduce TEF to the younger folk and take a shot at Mr. Socialism as well.

My Grandmother used to play Tennessee Ernie Ford records, among others, at her place so I sort of grew up listening to them as I spent a good deal of the summers of my youth at her place.