Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ignatieff: I Like Myself.

Last Friday Jane Tabor commented: Last Sunday at the Vancouver airport (they were leaving from the Liberal convention that acclaimed him leader) the two were leafing through copies of HELLO! Canada. Coincidentally, the issue featured the couple – Mr. Ignatieff in a tuxedo and Ms. Zsohar in a fantastic Oscar de la Renta gown.

Jane contends that because Ignatieff enjoys keeping up on all the celebrity news and gossip in tabloid magazines that he is not an intellectual snob, but I contend that this is not really the case.

I think Ignatieff just likes to look at pictures of himself. I could be wrong, but take a look at the following picture and a his extremely happy expression and decide for yourself.


wilson said...

Iffy's every waking moment is about ...Iffy. His publicist wife is his enabler.

Did a quick timeline on Iffy going from white to black on the coalition of losers legitimacy.

posted at http://imrightasrain.blogspot.com/2009/05/flip-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop.html

It took Iffy 5 months to realize what a collossal mistake for the country, the Coalition of Losers was.

It took PMSH 24 hours to come to the same conclusions.

Which of these 2 leaders do you want to run this country?

potato said...

Iggy is not an "intellectual snob" because Iggy is not an intellectual.

Soccermom said...

He reads those tabloids hoping to catch a glimpse of himself. He's probably getting jealous - Junior Trudeau seems to be in nearly every issue of Hello Canada.

maryT said...

Has MIMI sent thanks to the PM for saving him from breaking up the country via the attempted coup.

Anonymous said...

just confirms that both Taber and Ignatieff not only appreciate tabloid gossip but contribute to their lion's share!

But then, isn't this what politics is becoming....sheer entertainment and appeasing the masses with, gossip?

I mean, just look at what's on show today. Ruby Dearest and Schreiber circus and ask yourselves how many are glued to the boob tube today watching either of these, and giving Jane and Iggy exactly what they want....your attention.

wilson said...

The AG, Sheila Frser, gives the spring update this afternoon.

Will our media ignore it?

They did the last one, because it was an at-a-boy, good job by government.
Nothing to scandalize PMSH over.

Ottawa awesome?
Auditor general finds lots to praise, little to gripe about
April 2, 2009


Anonymous said...

I hear he likes dijon mustard. He is not a man for the common people. He clearly is elitist.

bmaynard said...

my business partner and i were actually saying today how there is nothing to criticize about pm harper regarding ethics or personal skeletons. the only thing the opposition can do is to criticize policy. its a nice change from the days of chretien and billion dollar boondoggles. if this is all that Iffy has to go on for the next election it wont be as cut and dried as most liberals claim and hope. i personnally believe that he could run on a record of clean government that had its bumps and bruises but still managed to lead the country through the worst economy in 75 years and delivered on promises.