Friday, May 08, 2009

On Conspiracy and Timing

Joyce Murray on Power Play was pushing the conspiracy theory by questioning the timing of the nanny allegations by asking who benefits the most by having these allegations surface after the recent Liberal leadership coronation of the now absent Michael Ignatieff. Of course when directly questioned by Tom Clark about who she thinks is behind the "conspiracy" Murray just looked stunned and couldn't, or rather wouldn't answer the direct question looking very foolish in the process, but that brings up an interesting point on timing.

If this was some kind of evil plot by the conservatives wouldn't it have been better to have these allegations come out just before the LPC convention and not after? I mean with the press that this has been getting it would have totally devastated the Liberal convention as the media would be sticking microphones in the faces of every Liberal they could find, and they all were there, asking not about the new leader but about the nanny scandal. To suggest that this information was being held back for after the convention for political benefit is just about as stupid as claiming that the nanny scandal is some kind of conspiracy in the first place, but when it is all that you got.......

I just thought about this again and maybe there is something to it. I now believe that this information may have been held on to until after the convention for political gain, but it wasn't the conservatives who were playing games with the timing, it was the Liberals themselves. At least the Provincial Liberals of Ontario sure look like they were.

Some background on the timing:

Ontario Liberals hold a public roundtable during the week of April 20, 2009 where the nannies feel comfortable enough to come forward with their allegations.

The Liberals give the nannies a hotline number to call at that same meeting.

The hot line # becomes active a week later.

The Star interviews Ruby Dhalla (PDF) April 29, 2009. (Ruby Dhalla tells Judy Sgro about the interview/story.)

The Liberal convention takes place April 30 - May 3 2009.

The Star breaks the story May 9, 2009. (Ruby Tuesday)

Michael Ignatieff caught by reporters in the hallways of the H of C says only "We are checking the facts."

Ruby holds a press conference May 8, 2009, nothing new is learned other than the claim that this is some kind of conspiracy with no details given.

Michael Ignatieff briefly comes out of hiding on the 8th due to contractual obligations to flog his book and says the following:"As leader of the party, it's tremendously important that every member of Parliament, everybody in public life treats their employees with the utmost respect and that they comply in every detail with federal and provincial law. We've been working closely, in my office, with Ruby Dhalla. She has mounted a vigorous defence of the charges made against her. They're serious charges. We take them very seriously," Ignatieff said. "We need to get to the bottom of these allegations quickly, get closure, both for Ms. Dhalla and the young women in question." Ignatieff refuses to answer reporters questions.

May 10, 2009. The Liberal Party of Canada caucus refuses to send anyone to discuss the issue on CTV's Question Period.

May 12, 2009. Ignatiev (proper Russian spelling) the Illegitimate comes out in support of Ruby, sort of. Angry on Ignatieff's ability not to be able to take a position and stick with it. From the link: "I think Ruby made a vigorous defence of her integrity, her honour and her treatment of these – the people in her employ"

Stay tuned........

Oh oh! Somebody else taken advantage of?


Anonymous said...

Here is a theory I am working on...please feel free to pick it apart. I think there is a lot more to this Ruby Dhalla thing.

This is an inside job from the Liberal Party. But who?

I think it's Justin Trudeau's camp (Chretien loyalists) kniving Ignatieff (Martinites), and here's why.

Ruby Dhalla has positioned herself within the party to run for leader at some point in the future, as has Justin. Only, he doesn't want to wait another 8 years if Iggy were to win the next election and assuming he were to win the one after that (after reinstituting their trough). However, she is only a convenient target but not the main target.

Trudeau (Chretien) does not want Iggy to win. This explains recent comments from Trudeau himself saying Iggy is "no Pierre Trudeau" and "smart but not wise".

Chretien himself made some interesting comments about forcing an election immediately. Hardly sage advice, I'd say. Iggy would lose, tuck his tail and return to Hahvahd, providing the opening for Justin.

Lastly, it is interesting that Kinsella has disappeared when he did after being behind Iggy (he claims it's surgery). He is fiercely loyal to Chretien.

The question is, did Iggy kick out the overly controversial Kinsella first or did Kinsella leave on his own accord?

And why now, suddenly? Iggy's recent hijacking of the party power, consisting of mostly Martinties?

Just when the media led us to believe the infighting has begun, I posit that it was rekindled prior to Vancouver.

I think things will get interesting from here.

Anonymous said...

Just when the media led us to believe the infighting has begun, I posit that it was rekindled prior to Vancouver.

Should read `infighting has ended`.


Jen said...

Anonymous said...

This is an inside job from the Liberal Party. But who?

One question Anon, will the national media keep quiet as they have throughout the years or will they talk about this on a daily basis like they have and do regularly on the conservatives.

I have noticed that the media are cautious when it comes to the LPOC-they will tell you the scandal but to rant on it 24/7, not a chance.
Had it been a conservative in this mess well, the media will be grining from ear to ear busting with joy that they have something to talk about-never mind the liberals' corruption; that is not a problem perfectly normal for the LPOC party to be in.
What the media would to the conservative had it be them in this mess, every nanny would have been interviewed, human rights will be interviewed, women rights' activists will be out flaring their arms and preaching their hatred calling the cons women haters, women beaters women this or that. the media will take great enjoyment and pleasure watching the conservative squirm.
Look what they did at the Cons HEADQUARTERS over EC-lights camera action was in full gear.
Will they attack the liberals who owe EC-no way.

So, let see, 'conspiracy' is not only within the liberal party but within their media as well. WE SEE IT EVERYDAY. We still have not heard the media ask for our money back stolen by the LPOC.

Soccermom said...

Ewwwww, just the thought of Junior Trudeau running for PM makes me want to head for the hills.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right about the media spin.

Look how the Star follows through in Dhalla's riding:

Contrast the headline and summary of their informal poll (i.e. constituents not too concerned) with the quotes from constituents.

Also interesting how close that riding was. This will probably cost her the riding.

maryT said...

In an attempt to change the channel, or cause MIMI more problems documents appear re the Air India Inquiry. Who headed that, who would know about said documents, who told the media where to find them.
The Ruby thing is an inside job and eventually the WHO will be outed. At present all former wannabe leaders are suspect, so someone will throw someone to the wolves. It is a liberal/MIMI thing to throw people under the bus.

Ardvark said...

Honestly I am not buying the idea was a conspiracy from either side.

Sure a case can be made how certain people or groups from both sides could possibly benefit from this,but that in itself is not evidence of a plot.